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  • I just love the headline!

  • I live nearby and wished this was a nice store, but it really isn’t. They keep very little in stock and seem suspicous and unwelcoming. One nieghbor said he thought it was a front for something since they don’t seem interested in really running a business (like keeping up on inventory & customer service). I hear they are some sort of religous sect so that might explain how they don’t depend upon sales to keep going.

    In any case, I wish them well, but also hope they not only physically renovate their business, but brush up on friendlieness towards their nieghbors & customers!

  • Isn’t this the place that was distributing some strange rastafari-anti-gay materials? lol.. that sounded strange at the time and even stranger now that I write it.. I hope I just misunderstood the whole thing.

  • I knew those people pretty well several years ago:
    1. They are very suspicious of people who don’t look like them but after a while we struck a deal.
    2. The deal almost fell through when some people who volunteered there became outright hostile.
    3. We patched it up and then they distributed all the anti-gay stuff and the whole thing about Babylon and the white man’s corrupt society and that was it, the deal was off.
    4. After I cut off ties with them one volunteer there taunted me with stories of how they ripped me off.

    This was about 2000-2001 when that happened. I do not think for one moment that they’re nice people. They expressed prejudices that are extreme for the neighborhood though conceivably no worse than you’d find in Prince William County, Howard County, etc.

  • Hmm. I must say all of this sounds very odd to me. I live a block away and my roommates eat their vegan food at least once a month and until they started renovating, I used to buy my nag champa there. I wouldn’t describe the people who work there as overtly friendly, but I have never felt unwelcome, threatened, or sketchy there.

    Also, it’s not a typical grocery store, it’s a co-op- perhaps for the benefit of the ‘sect’- so it has specialty items and a great, fresh vegan deli/buffet in the back.

    Not trying to dispute your claims- just find them shocking after 2 years in the neighborhood never having a weird experience there.

  • So has anyone figured out what religion/sect/cult these folks are?

  • Sounds like a lot of folks are freaked by this place, but I’ve always been thrilled to have it on the block. Sure, the stock on the shelves dwindled after a while, but hell, I figured the place is still in business — so big happy on that. I’ve reported before about the awesome food served in the back of the store, so the expansion is massively good news. My hungry self will be there.

    As for this alleged vibe problem folks are having — I have no idea what anyone is talking about. Full disclosure: I’m a pasty white devil. Just kinda came out that way…. and never felt hostility from the folks there. I’m not looking for rainbows and humping sunshine when I go shopping, so as long as I get what I came for and nobody punches me in the throat with a set of keys, I call it a success. I’d rather have stoic-yet-polite over crazy fawning attention any day. So it’s a personality thing. Yawn.

    If there was “hate literature” being distributed, I never saw it. But then I wasn’t shopping for it. I’d even shop at a place run by CHRISTIANS if the lunch counter was as good as theirs.

  • I’ve never been to Everlasting Life, but I’ve been to the Soul Veg location further down Georgia Ave., as well as the one in the West End of Atlanta. Those, at least, (and I think Everlasting Life, too) are run by the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. My understanding is that they relate themselves to the “lost tribe of Judah” which wandered into Africa. They’re biblical literalists, so that’s why they’re vegan, and I imagine that’s why they’re anti-gay. (In my mind, at least, this puts them one step above your average anti-gay religious folk, who are more selective about which biblical pronouncements they follow.)


  • Andrew, I’m seconding you’re story… correct on the African Hebrew Israelites… I been in and out of Soul Veg a bunch of times, and read a whole pamphlet once while awaiting my tasty sandwich.

  • Wow, you folks are really ok with giving money to a business run by a bunch of bigots?

    No way in hell I’d give my business to an operation run by the kkk, and don’t see how this is any different.

  • Ontarioroader:
    I, for one, am happy to see a different kind of bigotry once in a while. That is, if we agree that it’s the nature of humanity to foster a certain form of assholism — and I think it is, based on the evidence.

    But if you eliminate all “bigotry” from the businesses you support, you’d probably have to grow your own food until you die. Good luck with that.

    Anyway, the “KKK” variety of bigotry is so f*ckin’ old hat these days, I’d gladly buy curried tempeh from some whitey haters, if that’s what they are. But let the record show: I’ve been in this place numerous times, & never had any problem. So please, neighborhood people, leave your wretched paranoia at home and move freely about the cabin. We are not going to crash.

  • Wow – I never realised these people are probably one and the same with the group that was profiled this past year in the City Paper:


    Hey, I guess they have a right to have their own store, but count me out financially supporting them – however good the chow in the back might be!

  • Hey IntangibleArts,

    You sound hip, but are you really being serious? I’m not parinoid when I choose not to shop at a store that isn’t friendly – not Stepford wives friendly, but just that basic nice thing.

    In any case, if they really are a hate group as the City paper profile seems to indicate, then that would explain the vibe and why they can keep their curried tempeh as far as I’m concerend…

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