Capturing City Signs Before They Vanish Forever


It’s a bit faded but you can see on the red brick in the background it says – Chrysler. I wonder if there was a Chrysler plant back in the day or if it was just an old advertisement. Anyone recognize the location? I’ll give you a hint the building in front of it is a gym.

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  • A Chrysler plant? Oh, I forgot, DC was the second largest producer of automobiles behind Detroit…

  • I think it was a car dealership. Um, you’re joking about the Chrysler plant thing right? DC’s never exactly been a city of industry. I mean, we manufacture corruption and lies, but that’s mostly done downtown in those Greek-looking buildings 🙂

  • Ford used to have a plant in Alexandria along the waterfront. It’s not a bunch of ritzy townhouses called Ford’s Landing.

  • Haha, appropriately faded (although not sure if Chrysler is the one that is doing the worst right now, but I am sure they are not doing that great in any case)!

  • Drewlove: I was told that Ford’s Landing site was bought with the intent to build a plant, but that the plant was not built and the property languished as a Ford storage lot. Do you know more?

  • From what I’ve been able to find on Google, there was definitely a Ford plant on the Alexandria waterfront, but I’ve found no information on what exactly was manufactured there, or if the building is still there. One Web site describes it as a 2-story, yellow brick building, near the Torpedo Factory. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

  • AngryParakeet, I don’t have a lot of details but recall hearing that it was a Ford assembly plant built in the early 1930’s and was annexed by the Torpedo Factory during WWII. Perhaps after the war Ford used it as a storage facility.

  • Did you take this from the roof of the firehouse?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Nope that was taken from street level.

  • Former Chrysler dealership. Both the building currently used by Results (before Results, the ground floor housed a wholesale restaurant supply establishment) and the building at the SE corner at 16 & U were originally built as auto showrooms. Recall at the time these were built, they were close to the District’s “auto row” on 14th between P and U. (You can see more about the old “auto row” in the current issue of the InTowner newspaper).

  • From V st? I didn’t realize you could see that much of the results building from there. Cool picture.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Looking through the alley right next to the police station.

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