In Lieu of Door of the Day Please Accept This Nice Knocker

DSCN5631, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Incidentally, I just learned a new word – vulpine. Would anyone have known the definition of vulpine or would you’ve had to look it up like me?

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  • i would’ve known only because i know the word lupine, which would be more appropriate in the case of this door knocker, i believe! wow, that was a run-on sentence.

  • We have the same knocker…got it at Bentley’s Antique shop across the street from Domku. Ours has more wear-and-tear on it, or as I’ll call it — character.

  • Wolf-like from the Latin word that gives us the Spanish lobo for wolf.

  • Of, resembling, or characteristic of a fox.
    Cunning; clever.

  • Vonstallin

    that knocker is killer….
    are they still around? id love to snatch one up.

  • Brilliant, PoP! Others may think this is just a variation on a common theme, but I see what’s up. Now that you’ve gone pro, you’re looking to gin up more Google hits by planting the phrase “nice knocker” on your site. Savvy. Very savvy.

  • As of last night there were two of the fox head knockers up on ebay, for way more than what we spent at the antique shop.

  • Big Smiles and Thanks from Bentleys Vintage Furniture & Collectibles Shop 810 Upshur Street NW Washington DC 20011

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