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This isn’t my favorite house but I’ve always been intrigued by homes that once functioned as stores. Do you like these homes that have the big storefront windows?

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  • Vonstallin

    9th street? I see this house on my way to work…im damn near sure its on 9th street.

  • It’s on 9th SE.

  • I live pretty close to this place. I’ve given some thought to places like this as well. I think it’s a shame that market forces have evolved as such that it’s difficult for businesses to maintain in the middle of a neighborhood like this. Capitol Hill is riddled with ‘store to residential’ structures like this. It’s certainly better that the building is occupied, but it would be a lot nicer if the neighborhood could be dotted with neat small businesses as it once was. I’m thinking cafes, restaurants, even a bar. The few convenience stores we have are fine, but kind of homogeneous and generally centrally located. Anyway, my .02.

  • Yeah, I am a DC native currently living in Chicago and I love the interior neighborhood bars/cafes we have here. I know Chicago and DC might as well be on different planets as far as liquor licenses are concerned, but I love laid back, unassuming neighborhood bars and wish I was coming back to more when we return.

  • That being said, Tennyson, I think DC’s “bar & restaurant drag” approach is unique and somewhat unrivaled. Gtown, Adams Morgan, Dupont, and U Street are all great because of the concentration of businesses within a small area. Neighborhood bars will come in time here in DC- the best chance being the newly revitalized areas like Bloomingdale, H Street, Petworth, Brightwood, Eckington, etc.

  • I agree with Eric that having a business or two interspersed throughout the more residential areas would be great. Although, I specifically chose my corner of the Hill because I didn’t want to be too close to high traffic areas. That said, I was lucky enough to escort PoP around the neighborhood this weekend, and when we happened upon this house I said, “I don’t hate these houses (living as I do in a converted market, albeit of a totally different style), but I really wouldn’t want to live in one and I really hate how the curtain looks in the window.” It just looks out of place and kind of half-assed to throw a curtain up. I’ve seen some of these with shutters which doesn’t look as bad.

  • the curtain is not usually drawn, often times when i walk to eastern market the family that lives here is sitting in the window drinking coffee/eating breakfast. they’ve made their living room/dining room look a lot like a coffee shop and its really cute

  • Hey Everyone,
    So…um…this is our house…well, not ours entirely. We rent the bottom floor from a lovely man who lives nearby and there’s a separate living area upstairs. We agree: we hate the curtain, and yes, it is half-assed, but it’s better than watching us through the window while we sit on the couch eating mini wheats. We also agree that it would be cool if the neighborhood still had small businesses tucked in among the houses like ours was once. The house was built in 1910 by a family of German immigrants who lived upstairs and ran a bakery out of the downstairs. They used to supply bread to the Marine Barracks. But if it makes you feel any better about us living here, it hasn’t been a business for decades. We are more than happy to welcome curious onlookers,–either with a wave through the window when we’re enjoying our Sunday paper or with a tour (provided you bring beer). The real kicker is what’s hiding out back away from street view: a brick outhouse. Oh yes. Jealous?

  • What an articulate response from the renters of the German Bakery! They must be a loving couple that enjoys the historic as well as the architectural quality of their domicial. The author oviously has spent some time in researching the residence.

  • Wow, GermanBakery – I had no idea. I’ll definitely give a wave next time I walk past. Is the outhouse in working condition?

  • Hi Nichole–the outhouse is in working condition, we are told. It’s capped right now, but was used in the 90s during plumbing repairs to the house.

  • I hear that place is haunted too!

  • I’d love to come by and snap some pics for PoP! I should do a piece on houses that used to be other stuff – my place used to be a market, and where the front door used to be is all bricked over and people always ask me why it’s like that. Since that part of the house is my bedroom, I’m pretty grateful I’ve got the bricks rather than the big giant window!

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