Capturing Sweet City Signs Before They Vanish Forever


I showed this sign back in the day but had to include it in this series. Simply a phenomenal sign.

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  • pop-where is this? i remember going downtown to get a model train with my dad growinig up ages ago and always wondered where it was. this may be it

  • There is a sweet Lionel shop in Old Town Alexandrai. I just got my dad a car for his train for Christmas!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    This is on 14th Street south of P Street.

  • They don’t sell trains anymore- they’ve shifted focus toward their current lock business- but they do have some very cool old toy trains in their shop as decorations! maybe with changing neighborhood demographics (there’s a baby boom in Dupont/Logan) they could be swayed to re-shift back? Wonder if they rent or own…

  • The man who worked or fixed my Lionel transformers (or cars) would explain what and why he was doing it. He was very patient and treated me (about 14 then) like I was the only customer he had that day. That was back in the mid to late 50’s.
    A receipt from 1985 has Sam Houchens and Tom Wyche’s name on it. Doubt it was the repairman’s name though.
    Their address is 1324 14th St NW.

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