Capturing Sweet City Signs


I have a weakness for kung fu signs. But I’m really curious about “Lion Dance” is… This was taken on U Street between 15th and 14th.

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  • Lion dance is that traditional Chinese dance thing where a bunch of guys (or gals) hold up a mock lion (the long one, ie 10 guys hold the body) and then move it in time to crashing drums and cymbals and such. See:

  • I hear many people call Lion Dance, Dragon Dance. But the super long creature is definitely a Dragon. Lion Dance requires two people underneath an ornate costume, one plays the head, the other plays the tail. It’s great training for martial artists since it requires agility and endurance. A good lion dance team can evoke numerous different emotions. But more importantly it puts smiles on faces and good cheer in hearts. Lion Dance has morphed into an amazing feat of athleticism and storytelling when the two dancers take the lion up on vertical poles in search of the lucky lettuce.

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