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I know there are many fans of chocolate shops here so I thought I share my “discovery” when I was walking up 18th Street. It’s a bit hidden because you have to walk down some steps to get in the front door. Biagio Chocolate is located at 1904 18th St. NW. Its Web site says:

“Biagio Fine Chocolate’s mission is to provide the Washington, DC metropolitan area with the finest collection of chocolate and chocolate related products from around the world. Biagio Fine Chocolate is a destination for fine chocolate in the National Capital Region and aspires to become an important business contributor to the local economy and community.”

Any fans out there?

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  • Biagio was the first in the recent wave of high-end chocolate shops in the area. It has a nice selection of chocolate bars and high-end truffles. But the store isn’t well-suited to window shopping because of its subterranean location. It also is simply a chocolate shop, while its newer competitors offer such goodies as house-baked pastries (Locando, up the block) and hot chocolate (ACKC, on 14th & Q). Once ACKC opened, we found ourselves patronizing Biagio less frequently — even chocolate-lovers can only consume so much.

  • Oh. Em. Gee. I am such a fan of Biagio. Their focus is much tighter than the other chocolate-related stores in the area, and that translates to much awesomeness. Their bailiwick is super-quality and hard-to-find bar chocolate and really great filled pieces. They have more of the former than the latter, particularly in the summertime when shipping is difficult. That said, what they have is always amazing, and if you give them a little lead time, the extraordinarily knowledgeable, passionate, and helpful staff is always glad to work out special orders. L’ocolat is nice for pastry, and ACKC is a waste of space (based on a gift of grody, grainy, bloomed truffles I’ve received and their head trauma-inducing decor), but Biagio is an oasis (albeit a subterranean one) of great product and tremendous service. if you’re looking for the finest chocolate, this is where you go.

    (I have nothing to do with Biagio save being a devoted customer, scout’s honor.)

  • I like it! It’s pretty small but they carry the chocolate that I love – New Tree! Forgiveness and Sexy are my two favorite flavors! (Dark Chocolate with Lemon and Dark Chocolate with Ginger)

  • I always hit up their chocolate tastings – it’s def. worth it to sign up for email updates in the store.

  • I went in once and noticed that they sell bars of chocolate covered bacon. I didn’t have it, but I hear it’s good!

  • Good chocolate can be found here:


  • My lovely better half was so excited when they opened, she suggested the “Open for Indulgence” language on the little placard they put out front. It is pricey, but we love it.

  • It’s the real deal.

    A hand-picked box of artisan truffles makes a great gift. Many are locally made, as well.

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