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  • christmas is over, and im at work all alone with no distractions and little to do 🙂

  • I volunteered at a shelter yesterday, which was good, but in the course of a 4 hours period I smoked an entire pack of cigarettes, 2nd hand. No joke, every time I breath in it hurts and I’ve been hacking my lungs up all night and morning. Then I gorged on Chinese food and saw that Benjamin Button movie (shouldn’t win any Oscar’s, but a good piece of storytelling). All in all – a fab holiday.

  • I’m at work and it seems like I am the only one here on my floor. I’m working now with my shoes off and may run around the office with scissors later.

  • Vonstallin

    Im bored sh*tless….and feel like a social outcast since I never have a date for parties and get togethers.

    The new Vessle sink im installing is the sh*ts !!!

    more to come……….

  • Question – Is it wrong that I’m actually happy to have work as an excuse not to be at my parent’s house with my screaming niece, fighting sister and brother-in-law, my brother’s spoiled dog, and tons of un-tasty leftovers?

    Side note – Was anyone around Columbia Heights last night at 7:30ish? There were a bunch of fire trucks, police cars, and they blocked off part of 14th street. Anyone know what was going on?

  • Anyone know what was going on Christmas eve? Ghetto birds overhead for about an hour, starting 8:45 pm. Roughly around Irving St (Sherman to GA block)

  • What is a ghetto bird?
    Seems to me we’re not too far from the coast, maybe seagulls?

  • lol. ghetto bird = police helicopter

  • Very neighborly, thanks for the clarity eric!

    Off-Duty D.C. Police Officer Exchanges Fire With Robber
    By Elissa Silverman
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Thursday, December 25, 2008; Page B04

    An off-duty D.C. police officer intervened in a street robbery last night and exchanged shots with the alleged robber, D.C. police said.

    The incident occurred after the officer walked into a poorly lit alley in the 2600 block of Georgia Avenue NW where someone was being robbed a little before 8:30 p.m.

    The officer, who was not in uniform, identified himself as a police officer, authorities said. The alleged robber then turned toward the officer and fired one shot at him, Cmdr. Andrew Solberg said.

    The officer fired one shot in return, Solberg said.

    The suspect fled, and it was unclear last night whether he was hit. Neither the officer or the intended robbery victim was hurt.

    Solberg praised the officer.

    “The officer was very courageous,” Solberg said. “He took police action when he could have done nothing.”

    Just what I wanted my mom to see during her visit!

  • Pish Posh…. I’m working today, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Is the assumption that people only look at PoP from their jobs? I read it all the time at home. BTW, as a big time rant, as I work for the school system, I can’t get the blog from my school computer as it’s blocked for blogs. Is that sick or what??? I guess that’s good since I’d be on it all the time instead of working… Think I’ll drive by and check out some of the house decorated with Christmas lights before it gets to be too late.

  • rant: drunken neighbors who have been yelling “shut the fuck up” at their visiting child’s crying baby for two days. i don’t care how drunk you are, it’s a baby, for pete’s sake. yelling obscenities isn’t going to make it stop crying–it probably makes it scream even more.

  • Rave: I had a relaxing Christmas with my family, and ate and drank entirely too much delicious Southern food.

    Rant: I’m writing this comment from my grandmother’s house, not too far from the terrible fly ash spill in Tennessee; the whole thing makes me really sad. Clean coal, my ass. I worry that a few generations down the road the beautiful, green state I grew up in will be nothing but a fucking Superfund site, coated in car exhaust and factory waste.

  • rave-xmas was quiet, and hype free.
    rant-a neighbor who took it upon herself to see that the feral cats in our hood were spayed and/or neutered is considered some sort of weirdo by some of the rank and file. but these same people have no problem with the mike vick wannabees raising pit bulls and such in our midst.

  • reuben, that sucks. Is the person you mention connected with the local TNR organizations? There is planning going on for a community information meeting in January in the neighborhood I’m in. I’m a little nervous about it, but I think it’s good to have the support.

    Rave: No travel necessary on Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve next door with an abundance of food, drink, and a pleasant crowd of neighbors, assorted family members and friends. Christmas day was spent in pajamas across the street with a similarly large gathering of pajama-wearing neighbors and more good food.

  • Hipchickindc, I know that the vet at the Petworth Animal Hospital on GA Ave is big in TNR (trap, neuter, return) services to local feral cats. I’ve been doing my part. We have 3 cats all obtained from rescue groups, tow kittens and one old girl. But over the summer, we keep seeing a friendly, fluffy old kitten come to our back door. Even in the pouring rain, she was under our porch, purring and asking for food. So after a few months, we took her to the vet, found out she had already been spayed and was healthy, so we kept her. Now we have 4 inside cats in a big Petworth rowhouse. And if this cat was someone’s stray, we saw no signs, nothing on line and asked a bunch of neighbors.

  • Anon 9:32, good of you to take care of her.

  • Rant: Made the three hour drive from my brother’s house to home in DENSE FOG. I’ve never driven in anything like it before.

    Rave: We beat the freezing rain and ice!

  • My partner is one of those New Year’s compulsives who cannot stay home on the evening of Dec. 31., the worst and most irritating night out of the year.

    Can anyone please suggest a non-heinous New Year’s idea in the hood? I really don’t want to go sit in some bar just to be out on New Year’s.

  • Hey Jules, have you thought about inviting a few friends over for New Years Eve? You can say you’re starting the evening there and then plan to go out. Serve some delicious snacks, play awesome games and enjoy enough tasty libations so that they won’t want to go out. It sure beats packing into crowded restaurants and bars that over charge for horrible service. My partner and I have avoided “amateur night” for the past several years and really enjoy the evening again.

  • My brother-in-law smashed me over the head with a chocolate santa …

  • Rave: following a theme in this list, we had a fantastic neighbor help us in mid Dec to trap 2 tiny kittens, plus their mother and father (! poor dude showed up to see what was going on, and got trapped too). The kittens are little enough they can be tamed and adopted. The parents were spayed/neutered and released – and are doing well. We have so many litters of stray kittens on our block. I’m so thankful we were able to help out these cats, it makes me so sad to see these cats suffering. If there’s a meeting about this soon, please post here!!

  • SM, were these kittens near Upshur street? And was one orange? 2 of my friends and I were driving down there and spotted a mother and two very young kittens crossing the street. We stopped the car and one of my friends tried to catch the orange kitten who got left behind, it was actually a really funny site! Glad to hear you caught them!

  • Kalia, unfortunately not the orange one(s) and a calico one – I’ve seen them too (we live on 7th near Upshur). These kittens we caught were tiny, maybe 6-7 weeks old, with long black fur, one with green eyes and one with blue eyes. Little puff balls, but so skinny! Meanwhile i just saw the orange kitten & co. a couple days ago…not so easy to catch.

  • ah, too bad, they were fairly young as well. In college we used to catch the kittens and then find them new homes. The ones that were already headed to feral we lured in with food, and then started to be out there when they would eat, then we would throw them pieces of raw chicken and eventually make them eat it out of our hands. Then we brought out a dog crate and put the food in it, closed the door behind them and called it a day. Hopefully you nab those other two 🙂

  • Hmmm. Maybe a feral cat/T-N-R post is soon in order if it hasn’t been done on here before. Here’s one I did on Open Salon a few months ago: http://open.salon.com/content.php?cid=9356

  • Kalia, a sighting! My boyfriend just called to tell me there are 2 orange kittens and one gray/orange calico kitten on my back porch…he’s feeding them and they are ravenously hungry. They were out back last night, too. We’ll try to catch them 🙂

    Stay tuned…I may be sending PoP some “cute kittens need a home” photos…

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