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Well, we’ve discussed some options for picking up a Christmas Tree but here’s one more option.

We stumbled upon this lot last year and returned this again this year. The trees are fresh (very thirsty), and the guys working there seem pretty decent. The day we went they had a fire burning in a barrel to keep you warm, and Latin music blasting from a car for ambiance. Now, I know the lot’s in Maryland, but it’s only about a mile over the DC border, and an easy 10-minute drive from Georgia Ave.


I like that the trees are lined up and easy to see (not all tried up, like some places), and they have different kinds of evergreens, not just the usual short-needle Christmas trees. Continues after the jump.


This unusual long-needle pine spoke to us (the one with the red ribbon) — it’s cool because it has all these little pine cones still attached.


And the best part is that they tie the tree to your car for you!

Directions from the ‘Nue: Take Missouri Ave towards Maryland. The road turns into Riggs Rd NE (be on the lookout for a super-cool mural), and then when you cross into Maryland the road changes names again to MD 212. The lot is on the left, at the intersection of the East/West Highway.

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  • Vonstallin

    i wish they had roots and i could plant them suckers….i would cover my front lawn with pines…

  • My partially-decorated tree fell over the day before yesterday, and now I’m afraid to put any more decorations on it. Bad tree!

  • Using your earlier blog posts about Christmas trees as my guide, I went over to the nursery on New York Ave. and Montana Ave. NE to find my tree this past weekend (we went there because there was an enthusiastic post from a commenter that said this was the cheapest/nbest place to get a tree, especially compared to Garden District or 9th and N).

    We found a gorgeous 6 foot Douglas Fir for $33!!! It’s fresh and thriving in my living room right now and filling my house with the sweet smell of fresh pine.

    So if you still need a tree and don’t want to cross the line, head over to this nursery ASAP!

  • I love my artificial tree with the lights already on it and I only have to go to the basement to retrieve it. Oh, and it’s in 3 pieces. Very easy to put up, in like 5 minutes. And I don’t have to water the damn thing, what a great investment.

  • unfortunately, I don’t have any storage space for an artificial tree or I would use that option.

  • Oh, Christina – that happened to me last year, but it was entirely decorated. I was cleaning up tiny, brightly colored shards of glass for months. This year, the tree is in a corner, and after I finally got it all decorated, it’s leaning!

  • Doesn’t it suck? All I had put on the tree was lights and garland — including my pretty, blown-glass garland, which was smashed to smithereens. Someone told me I need to get some unobtrusive hooks, put them in the wall, and use fishing line to tie the tree to the hook.

    Also, my cat has decided the water in the tree stand is her favorite thing to drink ever. Is this dangerous?

  • My cat used to drink the hell out of the water and he was always fine. I just worried about him causing the tree to sway. I think it’s okay. Poinsettias are supposed to be bad for the critters though.

    I’m jealous of your blown glass garland. When I was in the market for garland last year, I was shocked by how expensive it was. I would be extremely upset if I’d shelled out the cash for some really gorgeous garland and had it break into pieces.

  • I seriously have to turn up the TV over her slurping. You would think I don’t feed her for the way she goes at some things.

    I don’t think the garland was TOO expensive – I remember getting it when (way too much backstory) the Smithsonian catalog would occasionally have warehouse sales.They would sell lots of their out-of-season stuff over, say, a two or four-week period. Those sales no longer happen around here because the Smithsonian moved its warehouse to Memphis.

    The garland was little glass clowns. They were pretty. 🙁 Sigh.

  • We have 3 cats, so I feel your pain. Last year they knocked over the tree in the middle of the night when we were sleeping. I woke up to a crying tortie cat, alerting to me to the emergency downstairs and ratting out her brothers. After that incident, we tied the tree to a nearby door knob, and haven’t had a problem. This year our tree has sharp needles, and the cats haven’t been near it. Still, I only put unbreakable ornaments on the tree.

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