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  • The top is totally strange.. it looks like they thought about putting on a new exterior, then changed their minds. That, or it’s a lid, waiting to pop off at the most opportune moment.

    I do like turrety bits, though.

  • It looks like a pirate….ARRRGGHHH!!!!

  • Not at all. It make the house look like a flashlight. And it looks flimsy/temporary, like they’re still working on what to do with it.

  • oh damn, looks like PoP was standing in front of my house!

    that house is what happens when you pop the top off a victorian, add another floor, and do something to make it look a little more modern and less traditional.

    here‘s what the house looks like from another angle.

  • Agree with Kalia – looks like a mask – Zorro, perhaps?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    IMGoph – your block is awesome!

  • blech, blech, blech

  • thanks, PoP! the house next door to the one pictured above (you can see just a touch of it in the right of the photo) just started to get gutted yesterday. it’s been vacant for years, so it’s going to be nice to actually have people living there.

    i’m pretty proud of bloomingdale. the neighborhood gets nicer all the time. hopefully, we won’t have anything vacant left around here soon! glad you liked it.

  • We lost a turret over this, which caused much anguish in the ‘hood at the time of construction.

  • This monstrosity is not deserving of the “House of the Day” label.

  • Icky. It’s a giant filter-tipped house.

  • Absolutely despicable. They took one of the most gorgeous styled houses, in the most prominent location on the block, and decimated it.

    I just don’t get why people do hideous renovations. Does it really pay off? If I was a homeowner and really needed more space, it’s usually a lot cheaper to just move to a larger house than it is to build a full level addition. If you are an investor, you should realize that ugly houses get significantly less than good looking houses. I doubt that kind of addition would pay off. Maybe in a really hot market you could get your money back… but the buyer will pay the price later on when their house is hard to sell. Just don’t get it.

  • Complete eyesore.

  • It is such a shame to see no effort made to have the old and new design integrated, this is an example of no attention to detail. Also, the category of house of the day should be a showcase for examples of DC architecture at their best.

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