Judging New Buildings


I keep going back and forth on whether or not I like this building that are all glass. For some reason I kinda dig this one. This is located at the corner of N Street and Connecticut. Thumbs up or down?

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  • Neither a thumbs up or down here. This is an incremental improvement over the original cladding of this structure, but this still isn’t a great (or even good) building. Moreover, the proliferation of all-glass buildings in downtown DC during the last five years is exasperating. Can’t developers do something more original than repeat the architectural cliche of the period on block after block? For a really bad example (in progress) of a reclad all-glass building, head down to Southwest Federal Ghetto and see the former Dept. of Transportation headquarters (ultimately to be renamed Constitution Center). It’s even worse than the fairly ugly original structure!

  • All glass buildings were a response to the jump in steel prices in recent years. Basically, they use vastly less rebar, and are thus much cheaper to build.

  • All-glass is good. The ones with the cheap-looking fake stucco, fake marble, and cheap bricks are far worse (ie buildings from 1980-1999). I think they should alter the fascades on all the concrete bunker buildings like this- for one, it’s much better/less depressing to work in a glass building for obvious reasons.

  • This building is going to be a nightmare once the tenants (an annex of the World Bank, IMF, I forget exactly) move in. I have no idea how they are going to implement all the necessary security apparatuses (apparati?), but that intersection / area is already difficult as it is.

  • I approve. Although I can take or leave all-glass buildings, I find myself consistently caught up in looking at this building as a bus or a walk brings me past it.

  • As Yakko Warner once said: “Those who live in glass houses should get dressed with the lights off.”

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