Good Deal or Not? Mini Edition


This home is located at 952 Florida Ave, NW.

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The flier says:


Sadly no interior photos but more info can be found here.

This home is listed as a three bedroom two bathroom with 983 square feet.

It’ll be tough to make the call without interior photos but for this size and location do you think $375,000 sounds reasonable?

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  • Wow, that’s really small for a three-bedroom, two-bath. Our house is 1,300 square feet and seems tiny with only two bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths. Guess it depends on the layout, which of course we can’t see, but still…

  • There was a previous GDON? house that was also mini and it was about the same price and at I think Sherman and Kenyon, which I think is a better location. So no, I don’t think this is a good deal.

  • How is Sherman and Kenyon a better location? You could spit on the 930 club from this spot. Tiny, but worth it. Good deal.

  • Depends on the inside. The house that was a few blocks away was bigger and newly renovated and was almost twice as much. Unless it will need a complete make over inside I’d say that its probably worth it. Though at night that area sort of gives me the heeby geebies.

  • bwk, it could just be my preference but I got to Target and Giant a lot more often than I go to the 9:30 Club, and I like Wonderland more than the U Street bars. I also think Kenyon is a nicer street than this stretch of Florida Ave. But others might have different preferences and if you like this location then this house would be a good deal.

  • This house is in shambles on the insides. Appliances in multiple rooms, hamock beds bringing down the ceilings. It needs to be gutted.

  • And I prefer DC9/Black Cat/Velvet Lounge to Wonderland. Guess it’s a matter of personal taste.

  • Vonstallin

    My mom grew up in either that house or one next/near it back in the 40’s/50’s.
    I drive by that house every day on my way to work…

    Price wise I dont think its worth it. If you could get it for $300,000 I think that might be worth it for working students or new young couples buying a first house. Maybe a couple of buddies who dont want to rent. At close to $400,000 not worth it to me.

    $300,000 to $315,000 and take the $60,000 to $75,000 and renovate it from the ground up.

    The last thing I will add is that in the close to 3 decades that i’ve been passing that area I have see 2 or 3 cars that have made its pay into the front yard. Its on a sharpleft hand curve.

  • Vonstallin

    Oh damn…
    ment to say “made its way into the front year.”

  • Something about the sq/ft isn’t right. D.C. property records show 1,216 sq/ft.

    Last sold in 1999 so you can bet the seller will be making a huge profit, even if it sells for $300k.

  • Vonstallin:

    The last thing I will add is that in the close to 3 decades that i’ve been passing that area I have see 2 or 3 cars that have made its pay into the front yard. Its on a sharpleft hand curve.

    I think such situations should be treated the same as when the neighbor’s kids’ baseball ends up in my yard. That is, anything in my yard belongs to me, a la traditional English Common Law. The driver should have to pay a ransom to get the vehicle back.

  • Vonstallin

    Anon5 Says:
    lol now that would be good…i think. as sharp as the turn is and with the amount of speed you can carry either Ricky Wanabe Racer will launch his civic into your yard or Weekend Dan the Drunk Man will think your small English like Abode is a new fancy drive thru, lol…

    Well the stories i heard was one drunk and one just lost control…
    Anyway who ever sells it needs to put a warning sign on it…no front yard cook outs.

  • This house has been on and off the market for the past few years. I saw it a couple years ago and as one of the other posters said, it’s a mess inside. I think students were living there when I saw it and it will need a lot of work to put back together.

  • The LOT size is 0.022567 acres which is 983 square feet. Since there are two stories, it makes sense that there would be more like 1200 sq ft.

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