Good Deal or Not? I’d Have Never Guessed From The Outside Edition


This 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo is located at 2920 Sherman Ave, NW

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The flier says:

“Spacious & Sunny Top Floor with 9 Foot Ceilings! Bedrooms lead to Large Sundeck! Dream Closets & Extra storage. Jacuzzi tub in Master Bath Gourmet Kitchen with Bosch Appliances & Granite Counters. Airy & Open floor plan with skylight & exposed brick wall! <1 Mile to 2 Metros! Furniture, Plasma TV's and Entertainment System Negotiable!Reduced 20k!" You can find more info and photos here.

So from the outside I had no idea that there was such posh digs inside. So yeah, as I’ve been saying if you don’t want to comment on the price that’s cool, let me know what you think about the condo itself the pictures are pretty dope sky. For those that are curious do you think it can go for $420,000?

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  • I wonder – is it a pop-up? If so, good job.

  • I love the kitchen and backyard and the paint colors. but roughly $3000 a month in mortgage and condo fees, plus utilities on top of that, seems pretty steep…maybe if it were a couple blocks west and didn’t have a boarded up building next door…but I think it’s going to be on the market a while at that price. My guess is that if it sells, it sells for about $375,000.

  • looks like a decent renovation, but $420K will get you a full size house in good condition in that immediate area without the hassle of being locked into a condo fee and some othe other drawbacks of a shared space.

  • have to say with the current crime wave this is a bad location to try and sell lux condos… I mean especially without parking. id rather buy in lamont lofts and have the secured underground parking.

  • For the square footage, nice finishes, being off street level, natural light, storage space, outdoor space, proximity to the Metro, and number of beds and baths, I think this is a great deal. I bought my place in Columbia Heights last spring, and I know the market has changed since then, but from my year of searching, this is a good deal.

  • Vonstallin

    I love what they are doing to the old houses here. Thats a 1908 house looking Awsome !!!!

  • is the glass bulletproof on the Windows? i mean this IS a block from the last shoot out right?

  • If this was one block west, on 11th, and didn’t have a boarded up building next to it, it would easily sell for well over 500k. If you are buying for the long haul, great buy as once Sherman Ave. is redone with the tree-lined medium, better sidewalks, etc., it should look a lot less rundown. And you figure eventually a few of those boarded up buildings in the area will get refurbished. Plus, less than a block from the new Cocolibre coffee shop!

  • It’s going to take a miracle to make Sherman Avenue nice. It’s a really busy street, the houses are generally small and either ugly or run down, and there’s not enough commercial stuff that any kind of investment is warranted. While the location generally is pretty good it would be my last choice in the area as far as a place to live because of the traffic and generally nasty streetscape.

    What it does have going for it is that it’s a wide street with a divider in the middle. It could be spruced up pretty easily, like they did on 16th Street. But you still have the overall hodgepodge of small, often run-down houses and apartment buildings bringing it down.

    I’d avoid anything there unless it was a hell of a deal, or you’re just one of those people who likes to adopt the ugliest, most pathetic, broke-tailed three-legged dog at the pound.

  • Well, the plans for the streetscape (assuming they are actually realized, of which there is of course no guarantee) sound like they will make a big difference — widen sidewalks, grass / tree lined median, one lane plus bike lane in each direction which should slow traffic, curb cuts etc. BUT, you are right about the many run-down / derelict / small / ugly / abandoned houses and apartment buildings. The street, even though only a block from 11th, just feels soooo different. Hence the price on this unit, which, as I noted, would be much higher even one block to the west.

  • My fiance and I live there. That’s my lovely jeep which was stolen and found hangin out in the middle of some street in NE… we’ve been robbed and I’ve been chased and threatened in broad daylight. Another time I was told to duck from bullets. We have continous street theater, though you’d think it would stop because there are two crime cams on the corners… anyhoo, the place is awesome inside if you can deal with all that. come be my neighbor!

  • I know this is random, but I want that shower curtain. Anybody know where I can get it?

  • I must add, the neighbors are excellent. I’d probably move there just to live next door to the amazing residents of 2918 Sherman. We’re definitely worth at least 100K a piece. Seriously though, living on that block– where all the other buildings but ours and this one are vacant and run-down — I had no idea such splendor was hiding within! I hope whoever buys it will invite their only neighbors over for dinner.

  • Callie,

    Who are you kidding, the people who live at 2918 are worth at least 500K each. Their life is a friggin sitcom. My buddy Timmy crashed there the other night, and I’ve never heard of people being so accommodating. Its a shame about the awkward Chinese girl though, (sorry, don’t know her name) She’s just kind of a mess.


  • I would call her a “hot-mess.”

  • minus the “mess” biznitches

  • Redhead – which shower curtain? The red one or the greenish one with diamonds on it?

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