Capturing Old City Signs Before They Vanish Forever


This may look rather ordinary but I’m a huge fan of these old liquor signs. You can see it looks like there were originally some lightbulbs meant to illuminate the sign. It’d be sweet if they were able to refurbish it. You’ll see these all over DC but this one was found on Mt. Pleasant Street.

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  • Think of it, someone ought start a collection of these signs from the good old days, for a possible museum, when I was younger I seen many old Coca Cola signs, with the bottle, signs from whem Olney MD was a one light town with the old blacksmith, tinsmith shops and others, closer and more recent, I am in agreement with PoP’ liking the Mt Pleasant Liquor store, or even better, the Central Liquor Store sign on F Street, or the Log Cabin store on 7th as well.

  • Nice. But I am way ahead of you….what’s sad is how many are already gone.

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