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  • It’s actually not that good to see that — Those skateboards are going to ruin the stone on the edges of the fountain pools really quickly. 🙁

  • ….or maybe the stone is going to ruin the edges of the skateboards really quickly?

  • I’ll take skateboarders-grinding-on-stone any day over the usual drug’n’prostitution that goes down in the park most evenings….

  • The park is a landmark. In particular, it’s notable for the aggregate concrete that one sees throughout the park. It would be a shame to see this element (particularly the fountain, its best element IMO) trashed by skateboarders or by anyone else. The drug’n’prositution is also a shame. It’s not one or the other. Save the Park!

  • Actually, that pool (when it’s empty) is perfect for skating in. I mean really perfect. I skate, and while I understand that there’s an issue with damaging the pool, I’d also have to raise the issue of the city doing almost nothing to create build skate parks which might alleviate the problem. The one real park in the city (GSL) in NE, was entirely a community effort. All the city did was say “ya, you can use this lot”, and that was like pulling teeth. And yes, I know there’s a “skate court” on RI Ave. in Shaw, but that’s hardly the effort I’m talking about.

  • i’m all for skateboarding, but grinding on that aggregate stone surface is definitely not cool. it’s expensive as shit to maintain and fix, and you know the park service is not going to come back and fix things again for a very very long time. i wish the skateboarders had more places to hang out, but their fun is going to lead to the destruction of some fragile surfaces.

  • If you don’t believe me about the damage skateboarders can do, check out the edges of all the surfaces at Freedom Plaza, which is built with much harder materials. There is visible damage all over the plaza. And the notion that the city somehow has an obligation to build parks for skaters is silly (especially as most of them come from the burbs). Skaters have an obligation to not damage stuff that isn’t theirs, just like everyone else does.

  • The fountain pools are not made of the same aggregate material. It’s a finer, more dense concrete. I live right next to the park. I say the more skaters, families, dogs, and people actually using the park for non-felonious activity the better.

  • Destruction of property, if not felonious, is at least misdemeanorous.

    And the idea that you have to choose between skaters and crime is kind of silly.

  • Alex, I understand what you’re saying. I’m not saying that the destruction of property is a good thing. I’m also saying I can’t really blame skaters for wanting to utilize what sems to be a perfect surface for shreding. Skaters are the least of the park, or as a lot of residents know it, the community backyard. It’s a beautiful spot that will only continue to be cleaned up if people use it for good reasons. The park has seen a recent spike in violence. There are groups of people openly gambling and drinking most days. They don’t really bother anyone, but it’s not exactlly a family friendly activity. There’s an open-air drug market most evenings on the lower part. The drug dealers don’t really give anyone a hard time, but it’s not the best atmosphere if you’re trying to get home at night or taking the pooch out for the night’s last shit. There’s rampant prostitution, hooking up, and cruising in the park. They’re not really bothering anyone, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want used condoms littering the area you take family or pets. So sorry if I don’t take the criticisms of skateboarders seriously. It’s just kind of absurd to give young people who are simply trying to have some fun outside, doing something active while there are syringes and sketchy activities in the bushes.

  • The reason I left DC and I am a native. A bunch of douchebag nerds quibbling over damage to the fountains in a park that was infamous for years and years for dealers, open air drug trade,etc. Retard dorks who probably didn’t even live in the District until they transplanted to pursue their internship on the Hill. Bland squares who sucked the life and culture out of a city that used to have a vibrant music and arts scene. Just so you know the park has been skated since the early ’80’s and no one gave a shit until the white pioneers came rolling in to lay claim on everything. Y’all are a bunch of whiny bitches.

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