Judging Buildings


I had remarked in the past that I thought the name Villaggio was a super fresh one. But I never realized how interesting the building itself was. What do you think thumbs up or down?

From the front:


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  • it’s ok. but why build the wall next to the stairs and ruin everyone else on the block’s view down the street?

  • I always liked this bldg for some reason…

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  • I have a friend who lives in this building, and the views are great! It’s also quite well-appointed on the inside. I have two concerns, however. One: If/when the vacant lot across the street is developed, the views will be lost, and it will be just another nice condo building. Two: There is a nice park next door that is permanently closed. The park could be a nice addition to the neighborhood if weren’t walled off from the street and hidden behind the BP station on the corner of 14th and Euclid. Anyone know if/when the station will be replaced with something better?

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