Good Deal or Not?


This home is located at 1113 Harvard Street, NW.

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The flier says:

“Shows very well. Hardwood floors through-out. New furnace, washer/dryer, carpet in bedrooms, marble floors in baths and ceramic tile in kitchen. Private parking is only $200 a year.”

You can find more details and photos here.

We once talked about this row of homes before because I found them to be quite unusual. I do like the location. This is a 2 bed 2.5 bath going for $399,000. Do you think it seems reasonable? Don’t hate too much on the vinyl…

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  • can’t get past the vinyl. gross.

    does seem to be a good price for a 2 br/2.5 ba so close to the CH metro, though. Easy walk to Wonderland and to FL Ave Grill, as well.

  • blech, blech, blech!

  • I’m stuck on the vinyl siding, sorry. And to me, ‘hardwood floors’ throughout means ‘no carpet.’ But maybe I’m just a sucker for semantics.

  • You’ll be right across the street from a school playground where too many home boys loiter and make noise all night, and on more than one occasion have been shot and killed (Howard homecoming murder was there)… which is why I imagine the seller is motivated to move, especially with a baby in the house.

  • Nevermind… I was talking about this house just a few hundred feet away:

  • Nothing motivates one to flee gun violence and general anti-social thuggery faster than a baby. (If one has the means, of course.) Sometimes up-and-coming just doesn’t cut it.

  • Can’t get passed the weird vinyl/brick facade. Usually they brick the front and vinyl the back – this is just odd. And that school across the street – no way.

  • I’d live there. The school across the street is Carlos Rosario, a charter school for adults returning to finish their degrees.

  • A little confused about the layout – is there just one big bedroom on each of the upper floors?

  • Is area near the house on Columbia Rd getting any better? Same for the stretch of Harvard? Dont these seem overpriced, if the ‘elements’ are as bad as perceived? Anyone living in the area to provide insight? It would be much appreciated.

  • Wow that price has dropped a lot … I’d say it is a now a good deal at that price. Yes, the vinyl sucks, but hey, you are looking out the windows and don’t have to look at it! Put 50k into the bathrooms and kitchen and the place could be super sweet, and it is quite spacious and in a good location …

  • Seems like a better deal than the one bedroom I bought at Kenyon Square for this price… And I had to wait a year for it to be built before moving in.

  • First reaction “a face that only a mother could love”.
    Objectively, price seems about usual (or better than usual) for a 2BR in this area. You get 3 stories of living space which isn’t bad! Could be a fair deal for someone who’s in the market for a normal house without bells & whistles. Not sure why parking costs extra — is there outdoor space? Is this a condo?

  • I think it’s an OK deal in the abstract, but that place is in my personal no fly zone — it’s close to the best of Columbia Heights but even closer to some of the worst.

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