Do Your Civic Duty and Get a Discount on a Cupcake

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Cake Love and Love Cafe, located at 15th and U St, are offering $1 off cupcakes with your “I Voted” sticker.

But seriously don’t forget to vote!

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  • just get the free donut at krispy kreme—you stomach will thank you for avoiding cakelove.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    You can also apparently get a free cup of coffee at starbucks.

  • I daresay your readers are doing little commenting because they are in line to vote. At 7:15 I went to my place at Irving and Georgia – there must have been 300 outside, don’t know how many inside. My sister had been waiting since 6:45 and was about halfway through the line. I left, plan to ride my bike back from work at 11 for another try. Down here on I Street it is very quiet, my office building is about empty.

  • Okay, here is the list:

    Free coffee at Starbucks
    Free Donut at Krispy Kreme
    Free Burrito at California Tortilla
    Free Ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s
    Free Appetizer at the Daily Grill
    Free Coffee at Books a Million
    Free Sandwich at Chic-fillet

  • wow, all that free stuff and cake love offers a whopping 1$ discount. just another reason I avoid this overated operation. [and spare me the ‘independent business spiel]

  • wow, a $1 off? so now, it’d still be over-priced and not that tasty.

  • Fiddlestix, what about us absentee ballots? anyone know where I can score some “I Voted” stickers… is there a sticker black market?

  • Coming to work I noticed a few stickers on the sidewalk. I guess they jumped to their deaths from the lapels of republican voters.

  • my fav

    •Discount haircuts. Then, there’s Cristophe Schatteman, a top hair stylist known for giving former president Bill Clinton a $200 haircut on Air Force One. His salons in Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and Orange County, Calif., will offer all services — including haircuts — at half price today. A $500 haircut from Cristophe will go for $250.

  • NPR reported this morning that because some states prohibit giving away free stuff to entice voters, B&J, Starbucks and Krispy Kreme are just giving the stuff away for free even if you don’t have an “I Voted” sticker. Kudos to the determined soul who manages to visit every Starbucks in the ‘hood in order to grab, like, a dozen free coffees.

  • Cakelove should pay you to eat their cupcakes.

    RIP Reeve’s…they had the best cupcakes in the world.

  • I voted at the ROC at the corner of 8th & Shepherd. It took 1.5 hrs, with lines out the building and around the corner.

    But one reason I think it took so long is that they only had ONE electronic voting machine. ONE!!! For this election!! Most people had to vote with paper ballots. The room was totally cramped. I can’t believe they couldn’t have come up with a bigger room for this election!

    So that’s my rant of the day.

  • I only had to wait for one person to wrap up on the electronic machine at the ROC. People seem to prefer paper ballots.

  • It took me less than 5 minutes to vote at Clark Elementary (no one checked my ID or voter registration card – hmm.) Afterwards, I walked by the ROC and the line was 60 deep out the door. DC should do away with the elctronic voting machines like VA and MD are planning. Paper is more reliable!

  • The line at Bell Multicultural went back to Sacred Heart Church this morning (including a turn around a parking area).

    I voted at Bancroft around 12:30 and there was one person in front of me in line.

  • the center (ROC? what does that stand for?) at 8th and shepherd went kind of slow…i dont understand why they didnt have us in the gym, rather than winding through a narrow hallway and then cramming us into the room where the ANC meetings are. also, i had an older neighbor with me, and they let him move to the front of the line, but then he still had to wait for me to get through the line. maybe they should have a line for elderly/handicapped persons AND their drivers…

  • saf

    SM – Would you really trust the electronic voting machine? I don’t.

  • Why do the people on this board hold DC gov’t to such high standards? Noone is surprised when Zimbabwe is unable to put on a smooth election. Why the double standard for DC?

  • I’m with flipflopirate! I voted absentee (for a battleground state, nonetheless!). I want my sticker!

  • Anon 2:46 – (As a fellow Battleground Voter) I am happy to report that I am sipping on a completely free tall coffee from Starbucks, apparently they are giving them out to anyone who says they voted.

  • I also am sipping my free coffee.

    My mom called and reported that they gave her a discount on a apple cider since she hates coffee, but loves their apple cider.

  • read the news. it’s illegal to “pay” folks for voting. starbucks got busted.

    you folks need to take a few law classes…

  • cuz it might “fuck the vote”….

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