Waffle House and Sonic Burger Coming To The DC Market?

WAFFLE HOUSE, originally uploaded by xrahy.

Thanks to Washington Redskin Fred Smoot? Wild. Thanks to a reader for sending this link to the Post’s DC Sports Bog.

While touring Fred Smoot’s house, Steinberg writes:

“For example, we learned that Smoot plans to open two Sonic Burger
drive-ins and four Waffle Houses in the D.C. market, since
“everybody’s one accident away” from needing a new career.”

Waffle House always reminds me of road trips but I wouldn’t mind one of their breakfasts every now and then. Of course, I’m also a fan of Taco Bell and Ruby Tuesday.

Think they’ll thrive in the “DC market”?

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  • I love Smoot. I like both, but even if I didn’t, I’d go there just for him. haha

    I’d love if they could build them into an empty storefront rather than make it suburban drive-thru style… And i guarantee it will be out in the burbs somewhere.

  • They’ll both get my money for sure.

    As for thrive….A Waffle House located near the party districts (AdMo, U-Street, Conn/dupont, G’Town) will make plenty of money. But a Sonic, the proto-typical drive in/thru fast food restaurant? I dunno. You’d have to put it in the burbs, like Arlington or something.

  • i think that chick-fil-a on new york ave in NE (on the way to the BW Pkway) is a drive-in/thru and it seems like it does pretty well?

  • I believe there’s also a Checkers Drive-In on Maryland Ave in the Capitol Hill area. I wonder what kind of business that does?

  • something tells me that “dc market” means centreville….

  • there’s a sonic on NY Ave

  • “Wouldn’t mind” Waffle House now and then? Bring on Waffle House!! It’s one of the few things I genuinely miss about living in Kentucky. As someone else mentioned, if it there were one in Adams Morgan or, better yet, Columbia Heights, it make money hand over fist.

  • where do we have a chick-fil-A? YUM

  • hey, that makes me wonder. what is the best breakfast place in columbia heights?

  • i just went to the chik-fil-a site, and they don’t have a location in dc, except at the university dining halls.

    there is a checkers on ny ave. it’s always busy.

  • There is a Chick-fil-a in downtown Silver Spring (very Metro-accessible) mhmm…waffle fries…

  • omg! I love waffle house! Please let this rumor be true. I’m crying tears of joy right now thinking about a waffle house opening here in dc. Oh and for it to be metro accessible!

  • WAFFLE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonic makes me happy. Though not as happy as some White Castles!

  • Why does everyone always get Checkers and Sonic confused??!?! They are NOT the same thing… The nearest Sonic is two hours south near Richmond, so I am super excited. As a Southerner (Arkansas born and bred, baby–Go Hogs!), I love love love Sonic. When I go home, my friends and I don’t get together for a beer, we go get a “Sonic Coke” (which, to you non-Southerners, means any drink… “coke” is ubiquitous for drink, be it tea, Dr. Pepper, Ocean water, Pepsi, whatever…)… they have syrups to mix in and tiny little ice that we call “rabbit pellet” ice. I love that you can sit in your car and that the carhops come out to you, sometimes, if you are lucky, in roller skates! And the food is much tastier and more like homemade fast food than a Checkers or McD’s or Burger King. I am way stoked!

  • Also, Waffle Houses (and their ugly stepsister, Waffle Hut) also make me think of home… however, when they are brand new and clean, it totally weirds me out. And don’t forget to tip the waitresses there–just ’cause the hash browns are cheap doesn’t mean she didn’t put up with a lot of drunken annoying asshats to get them to you to ease your post party stupor.

  • Sonic! Yay! Yay! Yay! I have been teased for the last 5 years with Sonic commercials but no Sonic within a reasonable distance.

    Sonic is about the only fast food I actually enjoy eating. They used to have the best freaking fried pickles, unfortunately, they don’t have them anymore.

    Strawberry-lime slush…. drooling

  • Think they’ll thrive in the “DC market”?


    i think dc could use a good four or five more 24 hour diners. capitol hill, eastern edge of u street business corridor, chinatown, 14th street………..

  • Hmmmm, scattered, smothered and covered….

  • I’m holding out for a Krystal burger….

  • The nearest Sonic to DC that I know of is in Fredericksburg. It’s about an hour south of DC, if the traffic on 95 is light. I just ate there yesterday… mmm.

  • There are only three things I miss about Maryland since moving to DC:
    Waffle House

    I’m holding out hope for two our of three!

  • this town needs more places like waffle house.. i mean the city itself.. not that im hating on those who live beyond the boundaries…

  • saf

    The Chik-fil-a at AU is in the student union, but isn’t strictly a dining hall. The public can go there.

  • No Wawas in DC either, plus they closed the College Park one so the closest is now far out in MD or VA.

  • Any 24-hour breakfast establishment would be cool with me. And yes, I think a Waffle House would thrive, especially if it were located near bars and in high population-density neighborhoods. Before having a kid, we regularly drove out to Takoma Park for the IHOP on New Hampshire avenue. Of course, that’s all boarded up now…

  • Mt P is right, there are two Sonics in Fredericksburg. Not exactly convenient to DC (especially with no car) but not two hours away in Richmond either. As a transplanted southerner, I would support both Sonic and Waffle House coming to DC.

  • SONIC!!! I can’t wait!! I hate all of the advertisements we get locally for Sonic, and the closest one is over an hour away. I will gladly travel to Arlington, or Bethesda, wherever just to taste the yummies.

  • saf

    OK, I have never seen an ad for Sonic. What, cable or something?

  • They come on basic networks, during game broadcasts, shows….and it’s usually 2 people sitting in a car and enjoying a new, delicious item from Sonic!! And they usually go off on some stupid tangent relating the product to their lives. It’s NOT FAIR!!

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