Sweet Decks


I think these decks look super cool. But I’m wondering – do people really use multiple decks? I guess you could have one off of the bedroom and one off the kitchen? Does anyone have multiple decks? When would you use one over the other?

And on which one would you take your morning cup of coffee…?

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  • Well, it’s handy when you aren’t talking to your spouse…
    Actually mosquitoes are a factor – they seem to drop off exponentially with height. I definitely escape to our sunroom off the 2nd floor when they are intense.

  • one for making food. one for making whoopie?

  • i have a roof deck and one of the kitchen. the one off the kitchen is unfortunately unusable all summer due to mosquitos, so we’re on the roof then. in the spring and fall its nice to eat dinner by the kitchen. so yes the more decks the merrier.

  • one’s for company, one’s for quiet contemplation

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