Speaking of Modern Buildings – Let’s Judge A Couple


What do you think of the trend of new office buildings being built entirely of glass? I have to say I’m not a big fan at all. These two are located near the old convention center.

Close up photos after the jump.



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  • I love ’em.

    But then again, maybe there is something wrong with me.

  • I read somewhere that these are environmentally friendly, but wouldn’t it be harder to cool them in the summer? And does this mean we are looking at someone’s desk and floor as we walk by?

  • I liked them before they were occupied, but now you can see all the messy desks and office junk strewn about inside. The effect is like a stylish suit covered with soup stains.

  • They are more environmentally friendly because of the type of glass they use that helps to regulate temperatures. It also allows more natural light into the buildings – requiring less to be spent on lighting.

    I personally think all glass buildings, especially these, are beautiful. PoP I’m curious as to what styles you would prefer?

  • i think these are pretty tight…i love being able to see through them..

  • The third one (the left building in the pic of the two of them) is kind of dull and boxy but I guess that’s because of the lot shape. The awning above the front door on that building also looks out place, kind of ’70s brutalist in shape.

  • there’re just too many of ’em. in ten years, they’ll look dated as hell.

  • Note all glass buildings became a rage over the last couple years as steel prices jumped. An all glass facade is much cheaper than anything involving steel rebar etc. FYI the Google DC offices are in the building on the left.

  • My old employer will be occupying one of these buildings just around the corner from this picutre and it is going to certified LEED Gold! So they are doing something right.

  • One problem with glass buildings is that birds don’t see the glass and try to fly through it. I’ve heard that more birds die from flying into glass buildings than from turbines used to generate wind power. Solutions include mini-blinds, window shades, and big decals that look like the shadow of a hawk or other predator.

  • I would add to the above that the glass saves on lighting; that cement, like steel, has drastically increased in cost in recent years, and has driven adoption of glass (seen in many of your newer condo designs too); and that while you may enjoy looking in, folks working there enjoy looking out too. To that end, a study I recently read stated that there is a 6-16 percent labor productivity gain in efficient bldgs from “visual, acoustic and thermal comfort.” And aesthetically, they will look better once full of people and their random window dressings.

  • Walk by them every day and have to agree with the messy office thing…it’s weird. I was also thinking about this on my walk home, but I would hate to sit with my back to the windows…it’s the Italian in me.

    One odd thing they do is, with the two of them there next to each other, when the sun hits them just right, it reflects down onto the sidewalk and your blinded…it’s crazy.

  • This is DC, we are known for our boxy, yet functional, buidlings. And the glassy box look is just a cool twist to the traditional downtown building. I like it! However, one modern HIDEOUS feature to some newer downtown buildings is topping off the “turret with those metal halo-type rings. What purpose do they serve? They are everywhere and are FUGLY. POP should feature them on this blog.

  • I love glass buildings. Europeans have been using lots of glass in their buildings for a while, and I think it looks great. And all of the natural light that is let in is tremendously good for your body.

    I detest those turret/halo things on the corner of every damn building in DC these days.

  • love them! they look clean and sleek – very inviting.

  • The best thing about them is that people in the buildings accross from them are much more likely to get good views of people having sex on their office and meeting room tables.. yeah, a Friday dirty mind thought.

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