Remember the Prefab Houses at 225 Webster Street?

DSCN1656, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

We talked about them here. Well a reader found a wild you tube video showing their construction:

I’ll be checking out the open house this weekend so stay tuned for an update…

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  • POP why are you throwing salt on old wounds? Lets make a YouTube vid of them being burnt to the ground

  • i’m sorry but this is just disturbing. we need design review or “quality construction” requirements.

  • You want salt? I have salt.

    Not only is this house the ugliest thing I have ever laid my eyes on but apparently it is also suppose to be a “quality, affordable home”.

    In my opinion, it is neither quality or affordable.

    The developer probably got all kinds subsides build this ugly pile of crap.

    Honestly, this is the kind of crap that pisses me off about government

  • You need an updated picture, as there is now grass and 1 shrub! It is HORRIFIC and does need to be moved to the outer suburbs. I believe 1 has been sold for 399K with the other on th emarket for 400K. crazy.

  • i just threw up in my mouth a little.

    those are the ugliest buildings i’ve ever seen that were not in the third world.

  • So I toured the house.

    It is certainly sturdy. The layout of rooms is…..interesting.

    If it sells for 400K, then I will feel very confident about my house price.

  • Hello, I am the listing agent for 225 Webster St. NW–this is a very well built house with all the modern conveniences using the 2008 building codes. It even has a sprinkler system installed. I would like to tell you all a bit about the developer, they are the Non Profit Community Development Corporation of Washington, DC, Inc. “We are a non profit dedicated to bringing affordable housing to DC through the use of pre-fab construction built in other areas for less labor and material costs than here in DC. We can build housing which is sturdier and better built than stick housing. We have been able to move families into more house than they might be able to afford if we had used DC prices for construction. NPCDC has built or renovated over 400 housing units in DC over the years.”

    Please visit my website,, for more information about this wonderful home and to see more pictures. The price of the house has just been reduced to $379,877.

  • I applaud NPCDC for it’s aim to bring affordable housing to DC (one could argue whether $380,000 is affordable but, I digress), however, these are the ugliest, worst-designed houses I’ve ever seen. “Affordable” is no excuse for bad design.

    I have no problem with pre-fab construction. The 3 links below shows pictures of beautiful prefab houses. Many of these are free-standing houses but could easily be modified to an urban setting. I found these in about 5 seconds so further searching may yield already-designed homes for an urban setting.

    The houses shown on the links above can be designed to cost the same or less than the ones built on Webster St. and would add rather than detract from the neighborhood. They would add interest and value to the existing housing rather than lower the value and detract from the beauty of the historic neighborhood.

    There is no reason, other than lack of imagination, to build a 3-story trailer.

  • Oh, and today is Feb 15, 2009 and after several months at least one of the houses is still on the market and at a reduced price. Further proof that no one, not even those looking for “affordable” housing, want an ugly house.

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