Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this home at 947 Shepherd Street, NW says:

“Great home in the heart of Columbia Heights. This home is in good condition and simply needs a little TLC. With three levels of living, 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths and an in-law suite in the basement there is adequate living space. Separate dining room and living room with fireplace. Decks extend of of each level of the rear of the house with nice flat fenced in back yard. Close to downtown & metro.”

Find more info and tons of photos here.

Does this seem like a good deal at $375,000? Ed. Note: If you have a particular home you’d like to see featured as a “good deal or not” please email me the address and I’ll post as a separate entry.

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  • By “heart of columbia heights” they must mean “not at all in columbia heights. not even close.”

  • Yeah.. otherwise, looks like a reasonably good deal. Would have to see the backyard too though.

  • There are pictures of it in the second set of photos.

  • That house is 100% Petworth. I walk past it every morning. I guess they think Columbia Heights is more of a selling point.

  • how is it not illegal to missrepresent a houses location like this. Seems like its common practice in realty.

  • Not too shabby. Agree Columbia Heights is a joke. Funny placement of medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Perfect location for when you get up off the camode!

  • that’s the most half-assed and tentative marketing pitch for a house ever. geez.

  • “not even close” to columbia heights? Actually it’s very close. The northern border of Columbia Heights is Spring Road. Shepherd Street is only three blocks north of there.

    And if all y’ll smartasses want to get all technical it’s not Petworth either. It’s 16th Street Heights. The western border of Petworth is Georgia Avenue.

  • I live a block away from this place. My property tax thingie from the city says Columbia Heights, though I claim Petworth with pride! 🙂 I wouldn’t say this was the “heart of” Columbia Heights.

    Something is up with that property, though — its been on sale for a long time, even when the market was a little hotter.

  • I live a block away from this place. My property tax thingie from the city says Columbia Heights, though I claim Petworth with pride! 🙂

  • Um. Sorry, don’t know what happened there. But while I’m here, actually, I’m mistaking this house for another one that has been for sale for a long time on the same block.

  • Good deal. “heart of columbia heights” is lol-bad though.

  • What’s with the 2 washer/dryers? Definitely got potential though there needs to be a bit of work in the kitchen 9as in where is the counter).

  • Interesting. At first glance, I suspect it needs about $100,000 put into it. It looks like one of the original parlors is still next to the tiny kitchen. To make an effective modern kitche, that wall will probably need to come out. Altogether, that woudl add up to about $30,000. It looks like there may be tiles or vinyl on the kitchen floor that will have to come up. It may have asbestos if it’s old enough. I wager that the electrical box is at 100 amps, so there’s a few more thousand for the upgrade. The floors need to be redone, so there’s $5,000. Windows? Boiler? Water heater? It looks like the basement is semifinished, which is nice. I would want to change the front fence. I’d offer $300,000 and go for a $400,000 mortgage. I believe it is officially in what is called “North Columbia Heights”, which is pretty much our no-man’s land after Columbia Heights, before 16th Street Heights, and beside beloved Petworth.

  • It’s not at all close to the heart of columbia heights, which I would say is the metro station.

  • @David – I agree, $100k was my first impression also.

  • is it just me, or can we put a moratorium on claiming your neighborhood from your DC tax records. those are just records for the tax department’s purposes. they don’t necessarily match up with the real neighborhoods on the ground.

    sure, y’all up in petworth and columbia heights might not realize it, but if you live down on capitol hill or shaw or most places in the old l’enfant city, your neighborhood will be listed as “old city 1” or “old city 2”. now, does anyone think that’s the name of a DC neighborhood? of course not! it’s just for the tax office to classify where your house is. nothing more, nothing less.

  • I live within a block of that house, and consider it Petworth, but it’s really just a few blocks out of Columbia Heights, and I’ve heard both “boundary” arguments (North of Spring/East of Georgia).

    I always think it’s just safer to tell people I live in the “Columbia Heights/Petworth area.”

  • We saw this house a couple times, and 100k is about right. The small kitchen and upstairs bathroom need to be gutted. The floors need work as well. There was also a huge hole under the upstairs bathroom in the dining room ceiling (as of 3 weeks ago anyway) which the seller (an estate sale) promised they’d fix by a certain date– although on visit #2, they hadn’t.

    The basement was a true in-law apt, hence the w/d in the kitchen. in addition to the w/d, there’s also a murphy bed(!) in the basement. I should also mention that the downstairs bathroom would also need some work in order to get my in-laws to use it.

    Our impression was that the price was too high and moved along…

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