Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this home located at 3624 New Hampshire Avenue, NW says:


More photos and info found here.

I’m a pretty big fan of this location. Do you think $519,000 is a reasonable price?

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  • seriously?

    It is a block from the PETWORTH metro station, I think that is in Petworth.

  • Negative ghostrider.,_Washington,_D.C.

    New Hampshire Avenue west of Georgia Avenue is in Columbia Heights.

  • That is not even close to a 15min walk to Adams Morgan or U Street (although it’s still a good location). Not a good deal though.

  • Actually, that’s about accurate. Do a google maps. To the east edge of Adams Morgan (16th and Columbia) is 0.9 miles, 15 minutes easy at a brisk walk. To 11th and U is 1.3 miles, more like 20, but really not that far off.

    I live 2 blocks west of there, and walk to both places all the time. It’s really not bad.

  • Ok, so i learned something today

  • This deal is about as good as the one MLB made with the city for “our” baseball stadium.

  • Last sold for $394k. Is that a $225k renovation?

    That place would be much improved if it had a basement apartment. That close to the metro, you could get a decent rental income even though the basement is small.

  • I don’t think the price is outrageous, but probably a little high. It’s a good location, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find something a lot cheaper that’s renovated in the general area. Plus it has a finished basement, probably rentable if not legally.

    That said, I looked at the pictures and it is definitely not a high-end renovation. On paper it sounds good but the pics look pretty Home Depot to me. I mean, a plastic shower stall? Yuck. The windows look cheap too. The kitchen is OK but its small and has a weird layout. Not a fan of the painted casing either. And what room is carpeted? Ecch.

    Anyway, not my thing, but not outrageously priced either.

  • I have a plastic shower too and we hatesssss it. Reminds me of my time in a hospital.

  • Bathfitters….we’re the perfect fit!

  • Home Depot called and wants its kitchen and bath fixtures back. (Oh and front door also).

  • Just out of curiosity – why is Home Depot so disparaged on this blog? I have no stake in Home Depot, really just curious. And RD, if you don’t like Home Depot, no worries, our cabinets in the kitchen were custom made and the faucet definitely not from Home Depot

  • saf

    “why is Home Depot so disparaged on this blog?”

    I dunno about on this blog. I hate HD because they sell substandard stuff in big cookie cutter stores. And, their stuff is made for suburban tract homes, not little row houses that are old enough to not be standard. Plus, the staff are often poorly trained.

  • Re: HD, and a lot of people on this blog are probably rich snits living off their parents money and thus get smug satisfaction from sneering at HD and the other affordable sorts of things. There I said it.

  • youdontknowme: i’d wager that most of us are not rich snits, but folks trying to eke out a rehab of a crusty old rowhouse on a minuscule budget…and i for one have grown to hate HD after many, many trips (often late at night) and many hours spent wandering the disorder and chaos that are our local HDs…where staff actively avoid eye contact so they don’t have to answer questions, and where inventory is almost always sold-out, broken, or filthy (and god help you if you’re trying to find any green building materials)…and then standing in line for an eternity to buy products used by every flipper in the city. I’ll take Strohsniders and G&H, where at least there’s someone to explain to me the difference between a door jam and a door sweep – and with a smile.

  • Gallatin: Understood, I was responding to the comments above which had nothing to do with customer service etc. I am doing the same thing and have the same experiences with HD. I gave up on the DC HD long ago after an employee threatened to, ahem, ‘smoke’ me. I use the Hyattesville HD which is marginally better.

    And, Gallagher and Hughley on Blair Rd in DC is the preferred place. Actual professionals. Rare for DC.

  • Kay: It’s really a figure of speech. Home Depot sells some perfectly decent stuff, but calling a renovation a “home depot” job just means it looks like someone went and bought the cheapest stuff available. Everyone recognizes the Glacier Bay fixtures and the fake terra cotta tiles and all that.

    I’ve certainly used that stuff in my own projects before and there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a funny way to make a point about the overall appearance of a project.

    That said, Home Depot (DC in particular) is a disaster of a business. Just try to find something in Electric. Anything. 10 bucks you can’t. And if YOU can’t you can bet your ass the lazy employee who is responsible for the disaster can’t. Finally it’s almost always understaffed at the checkout. It’s just no fun to deal with.

  • I think the location is not great. Being right on NH Ave south of the metro has got to be noisy, plus no privacy.

  • All this talk about HD reminds me of one old time DC store I hated to go into, for the same kinds of reasons as mentioned. Maybe you will remember Hechinger’s. Some of the most ghetto-assed sales “help” who absolutely hated the customers and if they did speak to us, we were ruining their breaks.

    As for us not being rich snobs or snits, just trying to eke out a rehab, shoot. We’ve been here so long and have never gotten the $ nor the time, nor wanted to put up with the dislocating inconvenience of a rehab. So we stay in our beautiful old rowhouse, circa 1920s, with no central A/C, no dishwasher, original kitchen and back porches, semi finished basement, old electircal system and radiators, but we did have our floors sanded. The dust that created… It’s still the beautiful life.

  • Shifting the discussion back to the walking distance to Adams Morgan.

    I went to Gmaps pedometer ( to plot out a route: New Hampshire to Park to 14th to Columbia, finishing at 18th and Columbia. It says that route is 1.387 miles. Walking briskly (averaging about 3 mph, or a mile every 20 minutes), that’s about a 25-minute to 27-minute walk. No way it’s 15, as they claim.

  • I wish that I had the ability to go to a different store than HD, but unfortunately for my just-purchased foreclosure in LeDroit Park, I have to wait until the job is done to get my FHA 203k Rehab check… and, unfortunately, HD is the only place to offer 0% APR credit card for items in the store. And, I put all my monies into getting the house, so, well, this is my only reasonable financial option so that I can have a (literal) pot to piss in. Sad, but true. So, maybe in ten years, I can re-do the kitchen and master bath how I would have liked it done (rennovated a couple of years ago, functional, nice, but meh on design), and I can afford to go to better places… if they even exist at that point. Sigh.

    Yay for homeownership! Quit yer bitchin’ folks!

  • Also, I don’t think this is a good deal– my place in LeDroit is a bit further from the metro (about 5 to Shaw and about 10 to U Street and a bus outside to Dupont/F. Sq), but despite the fact that I have to buy all new appliances, fixtures, and environmental systems, I’m getting a 3 bed, 2.5 bath for $330,000. Renovated up to code a couple of years ago and has a (tiny) yard. This place is close to the metro, but there are some great houses for $250,000 or more less in Petworth that just need some love and time and some rehab money.

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