Ridiculously Cool Carriage House

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I don’t know what it is about these carriage houses but they are super cool. If only carriage houses had vestibules… Are they common in other cities besides DC? Different angle after the jump.


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  • a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

    i’d give my left nad for the pad!

  • The Hill has several blocks where there are full-on houses in the center of blocks. Library Ctt, Groff Ct, Walter Houp Ct, Broun’s Ct, Justice Ct, Terrace Ct, Millers Ct, Gessford Ct. Most are closer to the Capital (Gessford seems to be the farthest). They used to be where the really poor lived and the got a really bad reputation. Most were “closed” a long time ago.

  • I almost bought a house in the alley one block over from this. Slightly smaller but still very nice and had an amazing catwalk inside. I passed on it because it was a bit overpriced for the square footage, but if you can get your head around living in an alley then there are some very cool spaces in this town. There also used to be a couple really cool houses like this in adams morgan on Ontario. Don’t know if they’re still there with all the development but a buddy of mine rented one for a few years. It was like the apartment in flashdance!

  • Really common in Charleston, SC-many historic B&B’s there have them as options to staying in the actual houses.

  • this is my favorite house ive ever seen on this blog

  • Coolest carriage ever! wonder if the owners are interested in selling! They really had a vision.

  • The carriage house in your picture was once owned by Architect Colgate Darden in the 1990’s and then bought by Interior Decorator Anthony Browne (Oprah Winfrey among his clients) after that. Carriage houses are common in most cities that have larger18th and 19th century houses. Most people don’t see them because they are in the alleys. You can find them all over Washington and Old Alexandria in the DC area in all sizes and styles – just look in the alleys for them.

  • i share your love of carriage/alley houses.

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