New Construction on Georgia and Kenyon

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Thanks to a reader for the heads up. The picture of what it will look like seems pretty amazing. I thought I read on the Columbia Heights News Forum that someone said a 7-11 will go into the retail slot. I have no confirmation on that at all. Has anyone else heard that?


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  • Can we please, please, please ban the word “luxury” from any future use when it comes to condos/loft/townhomes….

  • I’m pretty sure that sign has been there for a few months now with no real sign of progress.

  • There was progress a couple weeks back when they knocked down the old building. I’ve also seen cranes and stuff there since then, so they seem to be at least thinking about building something. I’m hoping someone can prove the 7-Eleven rumor wrong, but that seems to be the word on the street.

  • Is it just the apartmants that are luxury or is the 7-11 going to be luxury too? PAH.

  • perhaps the 7-11 will have granit counters as well?

  • come on 7-11, come on! i can just taste the delicious taquitos now….hopefully this one wont have a guy that sits out front every hour of every day asking me to ‘help him on my way out’ every damn time i hit it up like the one on hawaii does…

  • I live very close and it sat since i moved in may. then they knocked it down and its been sitting ever since. However they were quick in resurrecting the fence that got blwon down in the storm last weekend.

  • Cristobal- didnt you hear. its a LUXURY 7-11. Besides what are the chances someone will hit you up for change when leaving a 7-11 on georgia ave? Them better be LUXURY homeless people…

  • This site is about one block south and across the street (Georgia Avenue) from the condos discussed yesterday. Not that I want to revive the question of whether this section of Georgia Avenue is Sketch, but I do want to say, the sketch here is less than that on the 3100 block of 14th street. On Georgia Avenue you have to deal with drunks and bums, where on 14th street you have to worry about the roaming gangs of armed 13 year olds. I’ll take the bums any day.

  • Isn’t the correct word “sketchY”? “Sketch” sounds like a hipster would be saying it – like when hipsters say someting is delicious – “its delishhhhh”. ARRRGGGGHHH!

  • since when did hipsters lay claim to Delish and Sketch? You are a fool anon. Also wasnt there just a murder on Quincy? I was wondering are these new condos going to have bullet proof glass? I would be worried about a marginalized vagrant shooting holes in my floor to ceiling windows. or just on a dare even

  • anyone ever try to call the number listed on the sign or the website that was on of the banners (they took it down i belive) I got nothing out of the two execpt a generic voice mail and an empty webpage

  • Diomedes, that’s probably not a good sign… yikes

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