Interesting Houses


I thought it was interesting how one side has tons of windows and the other side is vinyl with no windows. Do you think this is because at some point the windowless side was attached to a building?


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  • Definitely used to be a building there. Why else would there be no graffiti?

  • That, plus one would feel like being in some Big Brother experiment with that many windows on all sides in a narrow house like that.. 🙂

  • but…… why didn’t they just paint it? why the siding? it looks kinda goofy.

  • Siding on brick always mystifies me. I’d guess it comes down to main reasons: perhaps its cheaper to side than to repoint and repair lots of brick, or; for whatever reason, some people think siding looks good.

  • One can also add a layer of insulation pretty easily, which, per se, would be applaudable.

  • we need a ban on siding in this city.

  • Actually, if that’s the west-facing side of the house the siding may serve as a summer-sun deflector and insulator. The back of my house faces west and becomes a sauna-like inferno (read: >94 degrees) at around 3pm all summer long. There are days I long to board up and siding over the whole damn thing, “sun”porches and all…seriously, I can’t even grow a cactus on my sunporch because the sun is so intense.

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