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I could only go so long before featuring this house. This of course is on Logan Circle and was built in 1877 by Ulysses Grant Jr.


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  • A great house but it sat abandoned and deteriorating for years until it was saved in the late 90s. It very much looked like the Adams family lived there!

  • Woah.. is that where they’ve hidden Dick Dickity Dick Chaney? Honestly, has anyone seen him this year?

  • I believe one of the reasons it fell into such decripitude was that it was litterally the object of a custody battle during divorce procedings. The couple who lived there/owned it were the basis for the movie “War of the Roses”.

  • So is this still a home or has it been converted to condos/an office building? I love these big old houses, but it seems like so many are no longer single-family homes (which ain’t necessarily a bad thing, I just like to imagine the life of gentility that was lived within them, and hope the interior is mostly preserved).

  • I especially love that they are supporting Obama.

  • Im pretty sure it’s a condo building now.

  • I got a real estate flier for that building a few months back, and if I remember correctly, it’s split into two big “condos”. The flier had the whole history of the house and, as Chris said, it was indeed in the middle of a divorce battle with neither spouse wanting to put any money into the house lest the other one end up getting it.

  • There are 8 condo units between the two buildings.

    The 12,000 sq foot shells (both 1&2) sold in 1997 for $250,000.

    In 1998, the 2 bedroom units were each sold in the mid-200’s.

    The most recent reported sale for an almost 1400 sq foot unit was back in June of 2006. It sold for $720,000. with no subsidy.

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