Good Deal or Not: Townhouse Condo Edition


Located at 1920 12th Street near U St. the flier says:

“Dramatic, light drenched 2 bedroom + den, 2 bath features expansive, refined living space. Special high end finishes throughout the home. Like a contemporary Poggenpohl kitchen, with concrete counters, 17’+ ceilings, walls of glass, a tranquil patio, marble baths w/Grohe fixtures & secured parking included.”

Sounds pretty posh. But does it sound like it’s a good price for $849,000? Interestingly the condo fees are only $211 a month.

Sadly I couldn’t find any inside photos online but if anyone else finds ’em please post in the comments.


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  • It’s temp off the market for the weekend, which is why you can’t find pics online. Here’s the listing: Make sure to click the camera icon at top left for the additional pics.

  • Woodson Row has really, really good finishes.

  • I love this one. I really am tempted to pile the hate on and drive the price down so I can buy it.

  • Wait, so how is it that no one else has pointed out by now that $849,000 is a ridiculous price for a 2BR condo, regardless of the location, and regardless of the finishes?? Seriously.. I’m not just trying to “pile the hate on” … and I see that it’s been on the market since 23-Aug-2007 so I guess I’m not the only one who thinks so.

  • Bwahahahaha!! $850K? Is this a joke? No way in hell.

  • Lord in heaven above. Not even at the peak would you have gotten 849K for that. Madness. There are entire houses selling for half that not far from there.

  • I’ve been to the open house before and while it is a gorgeous unit, it’s the ground floor and 1st floor of the building and there’s no way I would pay $850 for the basement.

  • It looks like from the listing that the parking is included. If you subtract, say, $40k for the parking, then calculate $462 per square foot (based on the listing noting 1750 sq feet), it’s on par with other new condos that are selling now in that location. I don’t know if they are including the outdoor space in the total sq footage or not.

  • Like someone else said, its the basement and 1st floor. That’s a tough sell at that price no matter how nice it may look on the inside. And I think they are including the outdoor space in the square footage; DC records list it as 1545 square feet, so the $ per square foot would be around $523-550/square foot depending on how you value the parking space. But, again, its the basement and 1st floor. Tough sell.

  • I have to pile on and say, no way.

    I mean, I casually look at places and this seems so far out of the norm. You could get a great house in Cleavland Park for that price; or less even.

    Maybe some folks really want to be right by U street, but I didn’t know U street had enough value to add that much to the price of a basement / first floor condo.

  • I’ve seen these townhouses. they are beautiful but you are paying for the “high end” finishes that in my opinion are always a rip off. You can add that stuff later to any property at a fraction of the cost. Never buy a place because it has a sup zero fridge and a wolfe stove.

  • I’m sorry but no, my house on the Hill which roughly that size (onloy 1.5 bathroom) with a yard and back deck and it wouldn’t sell for close to that.

  • I like U Street, but if i had $850k I’d get a condo west of the park, or a big rowhouse in columbia heights.

  • insanity. you could get similar square footage and parking in a swanky high rise condo building several floors up with a ton of amenities for LESS than that price. or if u had your heart set on living in a small building, you could buy an entire renovated rowhouse for the money and get more space and privacy. 850k to live on the ground floor and basement? i guess pt barnum was right.

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