Another Cool Building on 13th Street


This one is located just up the street from this one. It’s pretty wild. I really like how the windows jut out. There also seems to be a variety of materials used (notice the darker color on the bottom floors) which makes it pretty unique. What do you think about this one? Close up after the jump.


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  • for those architect people out there…that circular roof deck feature, I have noticed that it is on a bunch of buildings. Is there a point to it other than just aesthetics?

  • I always like to imagine hanging my laundry to dry on that circular roof thing.

  • I think this is Solo Piazza (otherwise it’s the Radius, which is across the street) which was developed by Georgio Furioso, who also did a building up 14th St, near the Studio Theatre. What you can’t see from the exterior is the courtyard that’s quite nice, and the prevalence of original art incorporated into the design.

  • I think that’s where the UFO lands when the invasion comes?

  • I HATE those ridiculous crowns they plop on these already banal buildings. when i asked an architect about them his response was “its something architects who have no design sense use to try and make something horrible ‘interesting’ ” ha.

  • The Radius is across the street, this is other condo building. I dunno, it’s OK, I’m sure the condos are great – but it’s not the prettiest thing to look at, even minus strange swirly thing, so not having it.

  • That’s Solo Piazza all right, I used to live there (with a roommate that would never be called “best ever”). It’s a really cute building on the inside and the apartments/condos are adorable with a courtyard and fountain in the back.

    I really miss living there, but we never understood what was up with the little Statue Of Liberty crown they placed up there. But not long after, I started seeing them on tons of other new buildings, so it must be “in.”

  • Looks like a crown of thorns to me and we know how that turned out…

  • also, isn’t this the building that has the weird florescent color changing “thing” in its lobby? I remember walking by that area at night and thinking, huh? WTF?

  • while nice, the units are over-priced for what you get?

  • Giorgio also designed and built the skinny, tall, condo building on 16th Street NW between Q and Corcoran, the west side. On the same street of 16th, a block south, he designed and built the modern adaptation to what used to be a neglected apartment building on the north side of Foundry Methodist at 16th and Church Street NW.

    Giorgio grew up in Italy, at one point was the chair of the art department at Ohio State, if my memory is correct. After moving to DC, he started designing studio spaces for artist friends, an activity that in turn led him to design and develop larger residential spaces and structures. He also designed the space that once housed Veridian (correct name?), the restaurant on the same block with the Studio Theatre.

    I know people highly critical of some (all?) of Giorgio’s residential buildings in this city where so many “new” buildings imitate everything around them. This is a region that for years generally has not rewarded original thought in architectural design, certainly not in public buildings as well as many corporate office buildings. Of course, there are exceptions to every blanket statement like that. In any case, the PoP has nicely pointed out some of the more creative, modern designs in residential single homes…in addition to sharing many other entertaining observations of life in the city.

    ps I’m not a fan of the “coronets” or whatever those circular things are called we see on the corners of new buildings – including Solo Piazza. Maybe they’re television antennae with outstanding range and capacity for all the people inside who don’t want to pay outrageous cable and satellite rates. If that’s the case, designers of the crowns and coronets, you’re forgiven. Maybe.

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