Where Is The Best Breakfast in DC?


We’ve spoken in the past about some good brunch options. But I’d like to know where are the best “regular” breakfast dining options in DC. My personal vote is for Krupins (or whatever it is called now) located on Wisconsin Ave. in Tenleytown. Damn good lox platters. Where’s your favorite regular breakfast option?

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  • 1612 is the way to go!

  • Is this assuming that people are actually getting up before work and going someplace to sit down and eat? Unheard of! What job is that? The only time I “get breakfast” is when its the weekend, and then its sort of automatically brunch… if not lunch..

  • I don’t know if it’s the “best,” but I like the Florida Ave Grill for the good food, good prices, and proximity to my apartment.

  • The Jurys Hotel in Dupont has a wicked AWESOME breakfast buffet for like $15. Now, it’s not local, but it’s really good. great bacon, waffles, make your own omelet, etc.

  • i back the Florida Ave Grill as well. it reminds me of “The Waffle House” but is twice as good.

  • I like the Florida Avenue Grill but many don’t realize that Ben’s Chili Bowl serves a mean breakfast. Its a treat I sometimes allow myself to have on Saturday mornings.

  • Sunday mornings on my way to church I love grabbing coffee and something tasty at Heller’s. Sometimes I pick up a box of donuts or cookies for the kids at church too and they LOVE whatever comes out of the box. As does everyone else:)

    I also like that french place in Adams Morgan. I am blanking on the name right now, but they have great crepes.

    Oh, and you can’t beat Red Derby.

  • Don Jaime’s on Mt. Pleasant Street.

  • The regular breakfast I have most enjoyed is in my long-past haunting grounds of Capitol Hill at Jimmy Ts. An odd frazzled but laid back feel to that place, with lots of regulars jostling for attention and good, greasy diner grub. And they have scrapple!

  • Probably not “the best” either but I think the food there is really good, but it just seems to be just off the radar – Mocha Hut on U St. They opened up a new location too at 14th and Crittenden which I haven’t ventured to yet. Or maybe I just don’t get out enough and it’s more known than I think. The one at U st has some outdoor seating which is always nice on a sunny morning with some coffee and the paper.

    A little further out in the MD area in silver spring is the Parkway Deli, it’s just off the East West Hwy/16th st intersection. Best deli that I’ve been to with a stellar breakfast menu. The Latkes, Lox and Eggs platter is worth the slight travel if you have a car.

  • saf

    Chrissy – the 14th St location is the original, it was just closed for a really really long renovation.

  • Before moving north my fiancee and I would frequent the Dupont Market for weekend B’fast as opposed to a formal sit down brunch- like at Kramer’s. I have to agree with JnDC, the only time we “get” breakfast is on the weekends- and that tends to be brunch.

  • Creme on U st for brunch

  • I don’t often get to do a sit down breakfast during the week but when I do, I head to the nearest IHOP – love the omelet and pancake (harvest nut) combo. Occasionally I’ll do the Diner on 18th St but it’s usually too crowded and parking too hard to come by to make it worth my while.
    For Sunday brunches I’d recommend Temperance on Georgia Ave. or Timberlake’s on Connecticut Ave. I used to frequent Domku on Upshur but the portions are somewhat small and the menu choices are limited. There is a place across the street from Eastern Market who’s name escapes me, but my one experience there was a good one.
    I’ll have to try out the Jury’s buffet. I’ve been looking for a good breakfast buffet.

  • Steak and Egg on Wisconsin is cheap and bangin, and the outside service is small town pleasant.

  • My favorite is Asylum in Adams Morgan. They have great vegan options as well as plenty delicious stuff for the meat eaters!

  • one of the most impressive brunches is at the beacon hotel near downtown on rhode island: http://www.capitalhotelswdc.com/BBGWDC_com/brunch.htm

  • To SG:
    Hate to break it to you SG, but Temperance is now “Looking Glass Lounge” and they no longer serve brunch as of fairly recently. I used to love me some Temperance Brunch’s as well, Hangover Cure omelet and Poblano cheese grits, Mmm…..

  • SG- unfortunately the Looking Glass Lounge (aka “old” Temperance) has discontinued its breakfast/brunch. I am reminded of this every so often when I excitedly ask my girlfriend if she wants to go get brunch on a Sunday morning and we walk there only to remember its CLOSED!

    Now, when I need a good breakfast/brunch on a weekend (because as JnDC says, there is no time during the week), I head straight for either St. Ex on 14th and T or the Diner in AdMo. St Ex is by far my favorite morning meal spot in the city.

  • Jolt n’ Bolt on 18th just below U st. It’s got everything from bagles to pies and they make awesome fresh smoothies and coffee drinks. They also have a cool little outdoor area that rocks when its warm out.

  • Used to be The Diner-but between the strollers crowding the seating area, and the crowds.. well.. The Tastee Diner in Silver Spring is not the best-but it hs more space, and is somewhat closer to home… Also like the Parkway-though it is more off the beaten track.

  • Red Rocks Brunch Pizza is the Jam!

  • For something a big extravagant (and romantic), nothing beats brunch at the garden of the Tabard Inn in Dupont.

  • for BEST breakfast in DC my vote would be brunch at the Tabard Inn near Dupont Circle–great for when you have family in town. my fave local place for a quick breakfast is definitely Mocha Hut. Domku has a great laid back environment and their food is always delicious.

  • Trio on 17th Street! Great people watching and a mean waffle.

  • I started everyday out with breakfast at Steak and Egg in Highschool. The memories

  • Another vote for Tabard inn as the best; Open City diner can be pretty annoying but boy oh boy is the bacon good.

  • 17th st. cafe on Sundays. UNLIMITED Mimosas for $7 with brunch. Sunday Funday…

  • Really bummed about Temperance / Looking Glass. The brunch used to be great, then it became bad, now it is simply no more. I used to love that place back pre name-change, music-change, food-change, etc. Wish it would go back to how it was ….

  • Brunch at Asylum is great for vegans. Or vegans eating with non-vegans.

  • My fav place for “regular” breakfast is Sticky Fingers. Love the bagels with facon, egg*, and cheeze.
    The Tune Inn on Pennsylvania near Eastern Market is very good, too, but a bit out of the way for us these days. Best and cheapest bloody marys in the city.

    For brunch, gotta agree with Stacy – Asylum! Yeah, great vegan options. I’ll never forget my first brunch there when the server with everything pierced and tattooed recommended the soysage. One of those “I love DC” moments for me.

  • I’m surprise no one mentioned FrontPage in Dupont. That’s where we go for Sunday brunch.

  • Cough-cough. Where are the off topic police? “regular” breakfast people, breakfast! Not brunch. Breakfast.

    Kids get off my lawn!!!

    I think I need more fiber.

  • Waffle Shop, across from the Ford Theater, without question. They closed the old one to build a condo in its spot but it reopened right next door!

  • Domku- kielbasa, smoked gouda, and onion omelet. Or the eggs benedict with gravlax. Or the jaffle, a beuatiful toasted pocket of egg and cheese over beans. Also, good locally roasted coffee…

  • hanks oyster bar serves up crab benedict to die for.

  • Teaism. Relatively cheap–egg platters for under $10 and filling. Plus salty oat cookies.

  • Total screwed up. Teaism is good for Sunday brunch. As for regular breakfast: I hate to say it but the Diner and Sticky Fingers (tho they raised their prizes to almost absurd levels).

  • I like Annie’s Steak House on 17th, not so much for the food, but to sit in Al’s section. Sometimes we go there just to see him, he’s one of the happiest people I know.

  • What??? No one has mentioned Tonic???? Best pancakes. Ever.

    And the grits… oh, the grits.

  • La Fourchette in Adams Morgan – best eggs benedict in the city.

  • Lincoln House Waffle Shop (same staff and grub), Pete’s Diner (next to the Library of Congress), and I’m pretty sure Deli City on Bladensburg does breakfast but I’ve never been. Too busy making a spectacle of myself with their reuben, the best in DC I might add.

    Krupins is still Krupins, but the new owners really screwed the place up.

  • On topic of tonic (hey, that rhymes) – and although I think it is only brunch as opposed to regular breakfast (I said Jimmy Ts, but for brunch Beacon St. Bar and Grill and Asylum, both already mentioned, are quite tasty) the grits at Tonic are to die for.

  • No more Temperance brunch? Dang! What are we near Ga. Ave supposed to do for a Sunday morning meal? Go to the strip club? I’m not liking what I see in that Looking Glass Lounge.

  • I was told by staff at Looking Glass that Sunday brunch was shuttered from Independence Day to Labor Day and will resume after, as was done year. I stopped ordering potatoes in June b/c they were always comp’ing me for the burnt bits I was receiving. Oh well.


  • i used to go to Goins’ for breakfast but it seems to be closed- on georgia and shep or t_____ street.

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