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DSCN1716, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Put your captions in the comments section. Winner selected Friday. Winner can chose a PoP t-shirt or free beer.

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  • The residents of Guantanamo Bay were quite please with their new lodgings, in particular the Mecce facing balconies. What a nice spot for morning coffee they are!

  • Yeah I know.. in bad taste. Sorry. Long day. Need sleep.

  • bongiorno!

  • Urban done up with that suburban flair. Matching houses, grills on the deck, room for your sedans and SUVs.

  • Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky, . . . and they all look just the same.

  • Mr. Pine’s Purple House, before Mr. Pine moved in.

    [Mr. Pine’s Purple House was one of my favorite books when I was little. Here’s a summary on Amazon: “Mr. Pine lived on Vine Street in a little white house.” That’s all fine and dandy, but there are 50 white houses on Vine Street, all in a line, and Mr. Pine can’t tell which one is his! To distinguish his own abode, he decides to plant a little pine tree in front, but his neighbors like that idea so much, they do it, too. Even when he plants a bush next to his tree, everyone follows suit. Finally, Mr. Pine paints his house purple–and to his delight, no one else wants a purple house. His neighbors are inspired, however, to paint their own houses all different colors, their first break with conformity. (“‘Yellow for me,’ said Mrs. Green. ‘Green for me,’ said Mrs. Brown.”)]

  • Perry, you beat me to it! Spot on!

  • Anyone know where this is?

  • A little Sesame Stree action for you:

    Which one of these houses is not like the others?
    Which one of these houses just doesn’t belong?

  • It wasn’t until after he finished working on the 5th roof that Fernando realized his level was broken.

  • One day John snapped and painted the top of his grill red so he would stop parking at the wrong house.

  • “Walter, It appears the spiral-staircase bandit has struck again!”

    “I swear Gladdice, that wrought iron rascal won’t rest till he’s gentrified the entire neighborhood in his mad dream of neo-classical architectural styling.”

  • Anonymous 10:28 that is hilarious!!! I can totally relate! Every time I go visit friends in the burbs where all the houses are the same I HAVE to find something that makes their house different — otherwise i get frustrated and leave. With this one you can say “its the one with the red grill!”

  • Who needs ‘green space’ anyway?

  • Poor Romeo! Finding Juliet is not easy now that the Capulets have moved to Herndon.

  • I swear these homes are in Mt. Pleasant. Just next to Irving St. I believe I always see them when I drive home. And the house that is not pictured, but just to the left of the last one, has a giant silver hose coming out of the back.

  • Ever wonder where the Brady’s moved to?

  • While ‘X’ marks his/hers house with red grill, ‘Y’ could not find anything else other than trash and recycle bins.

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