New Construction on Harvard


Looks like a building with a bit of a modern touch is going up. I know it’s not quite finished yet but do you think it fits in with the surrounding buildings on Harvard?

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  • The Ivy next door on the left is also new and somewhat modern (though not quite as much as this place). Fortunately for this building, this stretch of Harvard has a lot of different style row houses and apartment buildings on it. If you get a chance, take a stroll through the back alleyway and check out the view from behind. It looks like a pretty sizeable deck is going over the lower part of it (penthouse maybe?).

    Also, does it technically count as a new constuction if the builders left one or two brick walls in place from the old building? Other than those walls (which might not even still be there) it is new. I wondered why they left them up at first – I am guessing it is a permit-loophole thing.

  • How in the world does DCRA approve building permits to come out so far in front of the property?

  • … and why don’t the owners of the adjacent property object vociferously (unless they are compensated for having a nice, blank wall obstruct their once unobstructed view). But whether they object or not, such land grabs detract from the larger streetscapes and therefore, negatively affect us all.

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