More Great City Corn

DSCN1780, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

When can I buy some of this corn on street corners?

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  • My husband and I went looking at houses yesterday, possibly to buy. He’s a real estate agent and originally from El Salvador. As we were parking near a house for sale at the northern end of Petworth, we saw it in the backyard: he laughed and said in Spanish, “Tiene una milpa.” That’s Salvadoran (or maybe standard Spanish, too) for corn field. Yes, the backyard had some corn planted and it was high.

  • is mpd protecting it ? must be good corn!

  • I like the idea of corn in the city, but I find myself wondering if it takes in bad stuff from car exhaust, etc. that might not be good to put in one’s body. That said, I do have tomatoes growing in my yard.

  • Anon 8:54, I believe that’s a cab. Whose name I can’t remember right now (I’m thinking Barwood?). It’s the annoying blue ones who tend to pace my blind spot.

    Whenever I see Anon [time] it always looks like a bible passage following.

  • that’s actually a cannabis in disguise. they’re getting cleverer, and cleverer in petworth these days…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    That’s actually in Columbia Heights.

  • There is patch just like that on Oak, near Ogden.

    I always wonder who tends to it and who gets to eat the corn.

    I’m guessing it’s a victory garden.

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