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http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/apa/777213832.html (pics 005 and 006)

This apartment looks like it has an interesting mix of zen: what looks like bamboo reeds in the shower (just for appearances or does they have functionality?), and steam punk: check out the exposed ducts in the ceiling.

I’m also mesmerized by the stairs–how cool are they? I thought the coolest thing you could ever do with staircases was spiral them but here we have a new contender for the prize. They must have a really strong support–but don’t they look like they’re floating? Led Zeppelin could write a song about these stairs.


I also for some reason really like it that the only decorations shown are bins of fruit. It’s spartan and healthy to boot.

$4,900 for a three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath with a loft in Columbia Heights on 13th and Lamont. (The master bedroom includes the loft.) The outdoor space is large, with a huge backyard and a two level deck. Also private parking. Perks for sure but this place is totally worth it for the ducts and stairs alone. Rentals continue after the jump.


http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/apa/777066534.html (pics 10 and 11)

I like the color in this rental, a basement one bedroom apartment on 5th and Quincy. I think creative painting is a great way to lighten up space that probably doesn’t get a lot of the natural stuff (although the ad indicates this basement apartment is better than most in that regard). What do others think? What helps with brightening up basement apartments? Do those natural light lightbulbs help much? My mom used them last Winter, but not consistently throughout the house, so at night the living room just ended up looking very blue. During the day though it gave the effect of a skylight, which was pretty cool.)

$975 for the one bedroom, which is a fantastic price–that’s low even for most studios. The apartment boasts a floor that’s a mix of carpet and ceramic tile, shared use of the back deck, and walking distance to all PoP’s favorite venues: Looking Glass Lounge, Domku, Hitching Post, and El Limeno. Plus you can control your own heat and A/C. I’ve never lived in a basement apartment so this feature would never occur to me as a perk. Are most basement dwellers dependent upon their upstairs neighbors for climate control?


(decks pics)

I love, love, love that screened porch in this rental. That would so be my bedroom. The surrounding foliage of Rock Creek Park (I’m assuming) gives it a very outdorsy very non-city-like feel that would be refreshing (the scenery in my own city rowhouse includes a brick wall and a parking lot). And it comes with a hammock! Heh, my bed!

A two bedroom for $2,800 in Adams Morgan on Mintwood and Columbia Road. It comes fully furnished, which I think is a perk (I really like the use of curtains throughout–catches the light nicely. Unique features include a therapeutic steam sauna/massage shower and others that I’ve never come across: What are floating bamboo floors? How can that even be exactly what it sounds like? Also, a reverse osmosis water filter? I’m very intrigued but can’t figure out yet if I’m jealous. Well, yeah, actually scratch that, I totally am.


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  • The view from the screened in porch is probably kalorama park, not rock creek based on the address given in the ad

  • The exposed ducts give it a tiny bit of the “Brazil” feeling (the movie, not the country).

  • first one looks like speculators trying to cover mortgage. $4,900, that seems high. Rentometer for 20001 says the median is $2550 for 3br. This is nice for sure, but not that nice.

  • well I live right next door to the 1 bedroom place being advertised and ill definitely throw in a vote of confidence for the street and neighborhood. very friendly and quiet, also the H8 bus stops right in front of that house and is great for rides down to columbia heights, cheaper than the metro and drops you off at your front door, cant get better than that!

  • first one ($4900) is also for sale for $1.1 million — owner was also the GC and I think that’s surprising it’s also for rent simultaneously — sounds like he has a large construction loan to cover since it took about 3 months to do the entire renovation.

    Zip is 20010, location 1114 Lamont St NW

  • Thanks for the kind words yes were looking to sell or rent. I have had a strong response from craigslist posts. Should anyone want to view the property please let me know


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