Good Deal or Not: Pop Up Edition


Thanks to a reader for the heads up. The flyer for this home at 3519 New Hampshire Avenue says:


More info and pictures can be found here. Unit #1 is on sale for $519,000. So what do you think of the renovation and do you think it’s a good deal or not? (Remember it’s a pretty good location only a stone’s throw from Columbia Heights Coffee and all the other 11th Street joints.)

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  • ew. ew. ew. The only consolation with this one is that half a million only buys you half of a piece of shit, instead of the whole log.

  • You sure can pick them pop. HELL NO. once again a horrible suburban interior. If i was gonna spend that money for a condo It would either be on a quiet tree lined street (this is on a noisey junction of sherman and new hampshire). Or I would buy in a condo building that is literally right on top of the ammenities and has a pool and gym and roofdeck etc etc.

  • and here is your redfin comp of the day. 3 blocks from the dupont circle metro with rooftop deck

  • A much flattering angle… haaha. still ugly.

  • Ugly as sin.

  • That house has a serious symmetry problem, on top of its other problems. The windows are lopsided.

  • No chance in hell they get anything close to that. First, the hideous exterior will (I hope) scare off many buyers — people just don’t want to pay half a million to live in a building that looks awful. Second, the interior looks cookie-cutter and blah. Third, half of that unit is partially below-ground. Fourth, the location on a busy street. I’d say if they drop the price by about 50 grand (and I am assuming parking is included) they will start to generate some interest. I hate to say it but I hope this does not sell as a lesson to developers who do shoddy, ugly, block-destroying pop ups such as this.

  • I have to wonder who will buy this famously ugly house!

  • If the owner were smart they would first spend another 100,000 fixing the top so it was more like it should be, then maybe they could get that price. Its too bad because the lower part doesn’t look bad at all, but something just doesn’t look even structurally right about that great big popup…

  • lets hope the current economic downturn finally removes the incentive to pop up rowhouses.

    in ten years those siding-covered disasters are going to look as ghetto as, well, pretty much all of the insta-exurbs that have been built recently. thank god my house is all brick and in a historic zone.

  • The problem is that pop ups usually look like pop ups because the scale of the house is thrown off. Sure they made an effort but the third floor looks taller than the second and first put together! Usually the main floor has the tallest ceilings with the other just slightly less.

    Oh what a surprise it’s a condo (end sarcasm). God I loathe single family houses turned into condos. Instead of one nice house, you have turned it into two middlin condos. And I am sorry that condo ain’t worth $500,000 much less what they are asking. I know doing this is what people who are in this business do because it is what makes money but heavens….. I just wish the current real estate troubles would scare the flippers away.

    I would never buy this because knowing that the pop up was new construction, my first instinct would be to knock it too to ground and try and put the house back to it’s original look – which would be a total waste. Let someone else but this thinking this is attractive/a good deal.

  • How long has this mamma-jamma been on the market? I recall seeing this pop-up reaching for the sky in all it’s glory back in 2006? Late 2005 maybe? Has it been empty since then or is someone reselling it?

  • it’s a new listing. I think $519K is for the lower unit. the upper unit is $549K!

  • Guaranteed this is going to be a foreclosure sooner rather than later. Some flipper is going to lose a lot of money on this one. Sad, but they kinda deserve what they get for this one.

  • no one should pay 500g for ceilings that low.

  • I’m sorry I can’t get past “JAKUZZI TUB ” to actually look at the pictures

  • Herb: A “jakuzzi tub” is pretty fly but it don’t holda candle to a “yakuza tub.”

  • Heh.

    Nobody ever uses their whirlpool tubs anyway. (And they get nasty if not properly taken care of.).

  • Ugly! What were they thinking? Maybe they had cheap siding (and tacky peaked windows) leftover from constructing a new house in a “luxury” subdivision in Loudon County. Because that’s what it reminds me of.

  • I just threw up in my mouth a little

  • That monstrosity of a pop-up should be razed. The building was worth more without it.

  • I’m sympathetic to the criticisms I see on this site of suburban interiors in urban houses… until I try to come up with appropriate design elements for a renovated city house. What are we looking for here? Concrete counters instead of granite? Melamine cabinets instead of cherry? Is hardwood a bad, or only if it’s cheap laminate? Must we have exposed brick?

  • I like this one and I like the one 2 blocks down that you posted a few days ago. Making pop ups look identical or a perfect match is boring and uncreative. This city is entitled to a little bit of contemporary variety. Some of the ones you’ve posted are certainly horrific, like the one at New Hampshire and Upshur where zero effort was made or the two on Webster. But this one is not bad although the gray is pretty bland. The interior is not bad either. That being said, it’s over priced.

  • ee, the way i would do it is keeping the old floorplan and moldings/trim etc. then a modern kitchen and baths. but yeah. vessel sinks and granit counter tops are played the eff out. hence being big in the burbs. please people. stop it already. I would also be ok with a completely modern redo. but this here is yeah. a tacky mcmansion interior. If you blind folded me and brought me there and told me to guess where I was id say manassas. random coves and arches and laminate floors and then granite. bleh bleh bleh.

  • horrendous

  • Future Foreclosure for sure!

  • It’s just so ugly and off-kilter. From the crooked windows to the random pillars on the porch to the bland interior. I wish I could come up with a redeeming quality…better than a vacant lot, I guess.

  • these popups get more and more unbelievable. if your gonna spend the money why not put in some time to make it attractive and/or interesting?

  • I noticed recently that both these units are STILL for sale. I think each has been reduced by $100K. Maybe at some point developers will realized that people HATE these hideous popups!

  • Owl House is a very, very, very fine house. Come on everyone, sing!

  • Ugh! This monstrosity has given us something to laugh about since we moved in across the street from it last year. We call it the Owl House, because it looks like a big, odd owl.

    Is it really a new listing, though? The For-Sale signs have appeared and disappeared several times over the last year.

    If you want to know how to recreate this thing, take a mobile home, bend it into a parallelogram (to match the house’s unfortunate footprint) and stick it on top of a rowhouse. Next, without measuring to ensure equal placement, slap in a bunch of windows and side the top portion with feathers.

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