Coolest Pet in PoPville Entry #9, #10, and #11


“This is Cooper. He responds to Pooper, Coop Doggy Dog, Pooper Scooper and Humpalicious. He is a lab/beagle mix from Homeward Trails and is probably the happiest puppy in Columbia Heights. He is super friendly and is great at eating garbage off the streets (thereby contributing to overall neighborhood beauty). He sleeps like a porn star, on his back with legs spread wide.

He resides on Euclid between 13th and 14th streets.”

Entries #10 and #11 after the jump. A little incentive, there is a bottle of Heineken with #10.


“I’m submitting a picture of my doggy charlie. My parents and I made him his own couch and my mom made him the flannel shirt he is wearing. we cheated a little and put a little peanut butter on the neck of the beer so he would be interested in it. :)”

This is “Rosie, an awesome Boxer mix who lives in Petworth/North Country. Her hobbies include charming all the neighborhood kids, snoring, and plying treats from my husband and I. She also has a wicked underbite – which is why two pictures seemed required. When her teeth get caught in her lower lip, we call it her ‘beautiful smile.’ The best part? She’s got no idea that she’s making a funny face.”

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  • I’m feeling Rosie! I mean, she looks so darn proud of herself in that picture, despite her imperfect smile. If only young women everywhere could take this to heart and start having more positive images of themselves. (Ok, that was my sensitive moment). Rosie rocks!

  • Aw Cooper is adorable! He gets my vote!

  • these appear to be some heavily viced doggies… cooper cant keep his nose out of the powder, charlies a lush, and just look at that meth mouth on rosie… combined with that fat gluttoness cat from yesterday, and thefirst entry, the xxx cat, one has to wonder if there are any virtuous pets in this city :/

  • Ah, if only I had submited a picture of my english bulldog before the deadline, he has the king of all underbites!

  • ok I’m a cat person, but if I had to vote for a dog… Cooper is adorable! hooray for lab/beagle mixes ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Charlie!!!!!!!!!! I admire his taste in beer!


    He has happy eyes. So cute.

  • My fave’s #10. Not only is he well dressed, but he’s also got the perfect accessory…the beer

  • Rosie! Rosie! Rosie!

  • I’m lovin’ Cooper – he gets my vote!!!

  • I’m lovin me some Charlie.

    On the couch with a beer, that’s my type of dog.

  • Don’t give it to Humpalicious up there. Just look at him: total brown-noser.

  • Charlie is the BOMB. Char-lie! Char-lie! Char-lie!

  • Dear Owners of Charlie,

    I know they’re lovely and huggable, but dogs are not human children.

    PS- your parents are seriously jonesing for some grandkids…. beware, the next step after dog sofa manufacturing is often tampering with your family planning method of choice.

  • haha, my parents have 3 grand kids who are also spoiled rotten by my parents as well…they just love dogs…they own 10 of them ๐Ÿ™‚

    And IMO dogs are much better choices than children. They are never ungrateful and they don’t need their asses whiped, they don’t demand you sing them mind numbing nursury rhymes over and over or reread the same story about a mouse who wanted a cookie, or grow out of clothes at alarming rates (my dog does not actually wear clothing), and they never get to old for hugs and kisses in front of their friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And no you don’t have to worry Parkwood Person, I do not intend on ever having children as I know I would be a terrible parent and there are already enough of those out there. So sofa manufacturing falls right in with my family planning method of choice.

  • You go, Kalia!

  • I love Charlie Bear! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Charlie is awesome!!!

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