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Rosie 148

“This is my dog Rosie. She was born in a shelter in upstate New York. My partner and I fostered the whole litter, so I’ve had Rosie since she was four days old. She’s now thirteen years old, and for the past six years has been working with kids in DC’s elementary schools through a Washington Humane Society humane education program. She’s unfazed by noisy second-graders rushing her in a crowd, screaming “Rosie, Rosie, Rosie!” She keeps her cool, even when kids tell us about their dogs who were stabbed, shot or hit by a car. Rosie radiates love and the kids eat it up.”

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“Diego is a very friendly (and kinda spastic) seal point Siamese — he’s a clown and a cuddler, I’ve been told by more than one person that he’s the most dog-like cat they’ve ever met.”


“I’ve attached pics of my Basenji, his name is Buddy, he’s 1 1/2 years old, and lives in Columbia Heights, but was born in Nairobi, Kenya. His ears pick up radio waves, and he can yodel!”


“This is Burbank Spiffers “The Cat” – rescued from a farm in Winchester, VA 10 years ago. His brother was trampled on by a horse.”


“Here is an entry for the coolest pet contest and some interesting facts about Ike the cat:

– He has six toes.
– He lives on Irving Street.
– He drinks from a water fountain.
– He watches a lot of TV.
– He is originally from New York.”

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  • Ike the cat is a beautiful 6-toed cat. He has opposable thumbs, can cook risotto, and likes to play the piano in his spare time. He also enjoys extra-fishy sushi which he eats with chop sticks. He is truly talented.

  • I LIKE IKE!!

  • Radio Waves! Awesome. Clear winner here is Buddy the Basenji!

  • Ike is the best cat I know whose aunt is a communist.

  • This six toed friend has become a staple in the neighborhood. He wows the crew on Irving St with his exciting tales from the Big City. And he always has us over for kibbles a drinks from the fountain. His party to watch the kitty Olympics last week was one for the books. Ike is one cool cat.


  • Gosh darnit! I was all for the underbite glory that is Phoebe but now….. Can’t say no to Rosie. Why does life have to be so difficult?

  • A yodeling dog? Very cool…

  • Rosie has to win! Cute dog AND she works with children in the DC public schools? Come on, competition over.

  • The last cat, Ike, looks like he has oven mitts where paws would go… I think he’s the first “evolved” entry we’ve had.

  • The trend of these pets looking sooo comfortable is making me a bit jealous (see Buddy), but Ike looks the most blissed-out.

  • I’m just diggin’ that all these pups and kitties have good homes with humans who love ’em and take care of ’em. They are all cool as can be!

  • I like Ike!

    My cat Milo has 6 toes and he too looks like he has jinormous paws.

  • I agree with Nony-mouse! I entered my dog, but I’ll be happy for which ever animal wins!

  • Look at that dirty dog in someone’s bed.

  • the cat with 6 toes has to win. i mean seriously 6 toes. he wins hands (and paws) down.

  • two thumbs up for the 6-toed cat!

  • Great, now I have to password protect my computer… I can’t let my dog see that photo of Buddy. I’m trying to make her believe that human beds will melt dogs on contact. These are all good lookin’ super cool pets.

  • Ike should win because he is so cute with his big feet and 6 toes!

  • Rosie! Rosie! Rosie!

  • Some of these pets are from Columbia Heights! I mean, Ike seems all right and all, but should a cat from Irving Street really be considered for such an important Petworth honor? I think we need to have a tighter screening system for these superb but possibly unqualified contestants. And I could swear that Burban Spiffers looks like he’s on ‘roids. Apparently he defeated a horse in paw-to-hoof combat! Does that seem natural to you?

  • The Prince himself opened this contest to those of us in Columbia Heights, and if there was a “best pet in all of DC contest,” Ike would probably win that, too.

    Why you may ask? Because one time, he killed two mice in two weeks! Ike the Cat, keeping Northwest DC mouse free since 2007.

  • Buddy has been waiting so long to be eligible for PoP’s Pet Contest, and Ike’s mom is right, it’s open to Columbia Heights too! As cool as Ike is, Buddy’s got my vote (and yes, he has permission to be on my bed). 😉

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The contest is absolutely open to all. That’s why it’s called Coolest Pet in PoPville as opposed to coolest pet in Petworth (like last year). Pet’s are elligible and have entered from Petworth, Columbia Heights, Mt. Pleasant, Adams Morgan, Shaw and I think a few other places as well. Last two groups of entries coming today and tomorrow then you get to vote on the finalists…

  • Rosie, hands (paws) down. Gorgeous, obviously charming, civic minded, and still giving back to the community at thirteen. What more could you ask?

  • Let me say this about Ike the Cat- “he is not a crook”, unlike like that “tricky canine”-Checkers.

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