Wow, A Bengals Fan in DC


I think we may have discussed this earlier but how long do you have to live in DC before you can adopt their sports teams? Will I ever be a Redskins fan? It’s easy to route for the Nationals because they are a new team. Is it possible to adopt the others?

I think this fan is such a huge supporter of the Bengals that they painted their home Bengals orange. Now that’s a super fan, particularly when you live in DC. Full photo of the home after the jump.


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  • I will never root for the Redskins because:

    (1) Their name is demeaning to Native Americans;

    (2) They were one of the last NFL teams to allow African American players to compete; and

    (3) They play football like a bunch of 10 year old girls high on airplane glue.

  • “how long do you have to live in DC before you can adopt their sports teams”

    See PoP, as long as you say “their sports teams” instead of “OUR sports teams,” you’re not there yet.

  • Shmee , I couldn’t agree more!

  • shmee, since you seem to be all about justice and equality for all, i suppose we should take your description of ’10 year old girls high on airplane glue’ as negative because a proffesional footballer should play better than any 10 year old, boy or girl…not as a sexist comment on the inability of girls to play football, right?

  • I couldn’t agree with cristobal more! Shmee is probably a Cowboys fan.

  • Technically the Nats aren’t new. They used to be the Montreal Expos — until somebody finally told MLB that nobody in Montreal cares about Americain baseball.

  • I’m not about ‘justice and equality for all’ as much as I’m about wanting to watch a football team that doesn’t make me ashamed to be fan.

  • Geez, can’t a person just be a Bengals fan without it analyzed? I’ll always root for the Packers–it will not matter how long I live in DC.

  • I moved from DC to San Diego 7 years ago, and I still root for the Redskins and Orioles. The only way you would switch when you moved is if you weren’t that big of a fan in the first place. I went to a Chargers-Bengals game a few years back and was shocked to find quite a few Bengals fans at the game — I didn’t know they existed outside of Ohio (and Kentucky, I suppose) either…

  • I personally have a strong attachment to all of my hometown teams and will never cheer for the teams in whatever city I may live in. I guess it all depends how attached you are to Cincy, and how attached you were to all of the teams there. No hoops and hockey in Cincy, so maybe you wouldn’t feel as guilty cheering for the Wizards and Caps.

    Shmee is 100% dead on about the Redskins not allowing African Americans to play…I’m pretty sure the Federal government had to intervene in order to get them to sign an A.A. player. I just found out about that recently, and seeing how the Cowboys came into the league around that time and became rivals with the Redskins I don’t think it is a coincident at all that they are tons of Cowboys fans in the area.

    I actually stumbled upon a Bengals bar, PoP, one night checking out some dive bars downtown. The Bottom Line on Eye St. is a pretty popular spot where I guess a bunch of Bungles fans gather to watch the games.

  • I always wondered why there are so many Cowboys fans in DC. Now what explains all the Philly and Giant fans at the games? Oh that’s right…Dan Snyder.

    Besides, they are technically the Maryland Redskins. I love them just the same.

  • give it up. you will never be a redskins fan. i’ve been here 17 years. browns forever.

  • I agree with the other commenters. I learned to love football watching one (awful, at the time) team, and I will cheer that team until I’m in the grave (Go Colts!). I give hockey a bit more leeway because I was never a serious fan (left Detroit when I was young), but football is sacred. I don’t think I’ve ever cared for any NFC team, and I wouldn’t start with the Redskins. (No offense to Redskins fans, I just think your team is managed poorly.)

  • You can’t blame the Redskins for past ownership! I became a “Skins” fan under the reign of Jack Kent Cooke and Joe Gibbs (good times). Snyder is a douche, but I’ll forever bleed burgundy and gold.

    My boyfriend is a Chiefs fan, and he’s from KC, so the above hometown stereotype applies.

  • thought….since your a Bengals fan…does that mean you know how to play euchre?

  • Good catch, that sticker is pretty small. I’d never noticed it, and I live right across the street.

    And no, you don’t switch allegiances just because you move to a new city.

  • I’m a DC resident, and an ardent Bills fan. Have been since elementary school. For most football fans in this area, there are no other teams… And notice how the newscasts always begin with news of the NFL team before anything else is broadcast..

  • Most people never change, I’d guess. My parents moved to Texas from Ohio when I was itty-bitty, and I lived there for nearly 30 years, but I am still a Browns and Indians fan — because they were (or are, in the case of my momma). However, I am a Rockets fan, and I don’t hate the Astros. Could care less for the new NFL team in Houston, and only root for the ‘Skins when they play Pittsburgh (the refs GAVE them that Superbowl) or the Cowboys. I could see rooting for the Nats — they are sort of lovable losers — okay, more “loser” than “lovable”, but still.

  • Here is what I did when switching my fanship from the O’s (having grown up an O’s fan just outside of Baltimore) to the Nats – something my brothers will likely never forgive me for:

    I have lived in DC for three years now. I was fed up with the O’s since I got here. Really, I have had no respect for the O’s as an organization for much of my lifetime (recent turnaround aside). I decided if I am going to root for a crappy team, it was going to be my hometown crappy team. Since I have no intentions of leaving DC, the Nats would be that crappy team. Year one I stopped going to O’s games. Year two I swore off baseball in its entirety. I didnt watch or listen to a single game of baseball. Year three, having clensed myself of fanship, I reemerged a full-fledged Nats fan. I feel like this is perhaps one of the only ways to switch fanship without being a poser. It made it easier switching to a bad team, rather than say, moving to New York or Boston and switching to rooting for the Yankees or Sox. That just isnt fair.

    So, a Nats fan I became. Of course, the Nats are now the worst team in the MLB and the O’s are finally showing signs of being a decent ballclub. Go figure.

  • first off, suck it with the “Waaahhh, the name is racist.” I lived in Indian Country and wore my doug williams jersey to the bar every goddamn saturday to watch skins games with a rack of the Inland Empire’s finest redmen. And i can assure you Indians have a HELL of a lot more on their minds that the name of a team full of black atheletes. Like health care. and small pox blankets. only whiney ass out of towner white boys have the time or inclination to bitch and moan about something like that.
    Secondly, we don’t want none of ya’ll out of town bamas anyway. If we did, we’d call them Capitol Hill Douche Sacks and the team uniform would be klan hoods and seer sucker suits.

  • Addressing lots of comments here:

    Not being a redskins fan because they didnt let black players play is the stupidest reason ever. Do you also not buy german cars because of the holocaust? Do you not buy oil from saudi arabia because of their atrocities toward women? I hope you also dont buy bayer aspirin, because they made the gas in the gas chambers in WW2. get a clue, hypocrite.

    There are tons of philly fans here and giants fans here because of proximity. Duh. People arent skins fans and change to eagles fans because they dont like dan snyder. again, get a clue.

    And finally, if you have been to a cowboys game in dallas, you notice that there are TONS of skins fans. Skins were the team of the south for the longest time. Ive been to redskins bars in the carolinas and florida.

  • Funny DC Boy was watchng Redskins games on SATURDAY with all of his Indian buddies…they do have the talent level of mid-tier college team. You do validate my point though…would you cheer on the Douche Sacks with their klan/seersucker unis even though they were in your city?

    My point about the Redskins past is that 40+ years ago that could have influnced people in DC to not cheer for the Redskins but rather one of their rivals…the Cowboys. Especially in a city with a high African American population. As for this generation, that is probably all in the past, but if your daddy was a Cowboys fan, there is a good chance that got passed on to you. I’ve been to a lot of NFL cities for work, and I’ve never seen anything close to the amount of rival fans in that city as I’ve seen Cowboys fans in DC.

    I hate both teams pretty much equally so I don’t really give a damn…just thought it made for an interesting POV!

  • DC is entitled to his (heinous) opinion, but a perusal of any reputable dictionary will
    speak for itself.

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