What’s the Verdict on Ulah Bistro?


Ulah Bistro located at 1214 U Street always seems to be busy when I walk by. Has anyone checked it out yet?

Looks like they have a good 3 course dinner special Monday and Tuesday evenings for $29.95.  I’m intrigued by the mojito chicken.


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  • I ate at Ulah Bistro once at a work sponsored event. Since price was no issue for me I ate whatever I wanted to. They have great frites and breads and the entree I had was great. Definitely recommend going there if you get the chance but since I didn’t pay for any of the food that I ate I don’t remember how pricey it was.

  • Just went for drinks but I thought it had an incredibly blah atmosphere … the restaurant equivalent of a cookie-cutter condo renovation, very boring menu, very boring decor, just no character or quirkiness or anything at all memorable … U Street offers better.

  • it’s owned by the same people as stoney’s and tunicliff’s.

  • Went, chill but boring. I ordered an Old Fashioned and got a Manhattan. She didn’t seem to know the difference. Would I go back? Probably not. Dinner was OK. Service was spotty. In the end, a way too expensive Tonic.

  • I like Ulah…agreed, the atmosphere could use some work, but the food is consistently good (with the exception of the calamari…avoid that)…but overall, good food, decent portions at a reasonable price…but yes, a little generic inside…enjoyed the one brunch I had there…

  • I went for dinner once, but was not impressed. While I like Stoney’s and Tunicliff’s, it seemed here that they were trying to recreat the success (unsuccessfully in my view) of the latter in a more upscale atmosphere.

  • They have a good brunch, but the music is the worst I’ve heard in a restaurant. Its all terrible 80s music, talking Jesse’s Girl and Cuts Like a Knife here.

  • Hey now! What’s wrong with Jesse’s Girl and Cuts Like a Knife?

  • So it was THEM who sole my iPod….

  • It’s OK, kind of blah as other people have said. The food is fine, though kind of uninspiring. Their brunch is pretty decent. It’s the kind of place that’s nice to have around if the restaurant you want to go to has an hour wait, but it would rarely be my first choice on any given night.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    I went there within their first month of opening. At first I thought it was called Utah Bistro so I thought, “Ok so Modern American cuisine right?” The interior is very beige and tan Pottery Barn. I enjoyed what I ordered – the pork chops. They had a good wine list too. If I wanted a decent place to dine that offered classic American dishes, i.e. my comfort food, on U Street I’d go to Ulah.

  • The crab and artichoke dip is to DIE for, and the pizza’s decent. I also love the steak and cheese.

  • I had some great blueberry pancakes there for brunch once. Service was great and there was no wait on a Saturday morning so that was nice. It was comfortable…

  • I kinda like Ulah. It’s cookie cutter compared to the average too-cool-for-school U street place, but actually I find it a nice alternative to the generous helping of attitude you get at the average hipster hangout. It’s a very functional space, they have a big bar, and the staff have always been friendly to me. The 80’s soundtrack is no joke, but I’m OK with it, at least it’s honest.

    Overall: food pretty good, it’s comfortable, clean, and friendly. And, most importantly: unlike just about every other U street joint, you can get food on MONDAYS!

  • Gawd you people are haters, Ulah is quality and much cheaper than most nearby places. What does it need to win your admiration? A world renowned in house dj? A starchitect designed interior?For Obama to be seen eating there? No wait, then you’d b*tch that it was over priced. Get over yourself, everything isn’t either trying too hard to be trendy or trying to hard to be authentic. Some things can just be.

    BTW, word is they are working with Suntrust to put seating up in the big area between the restaurant and the metro-Awesome!

  • Personally, if I am going to spend my hard earned money on a night out, I want it to be for either (a) amazing food (something pretty hard to find at a reasonable price in DC, alas) or at least (b) a cool overall experience. I’m not saying anything is WRONG with Ulah, but nothing is particularly RIGHT with it either. In NYC, it wouldn’t survive for more than a month. I just feel if you are going to spend a lot of money to build a new restaurant, why not try using a little imagination / creativity — for example, Marvin, which is right nearby, comparably priced, but has a much more interesting menu, decor, and vibe. And if I want comfort food, I’ll head to Creme, which I think is very tasty and reasonably priced as well.

  • I have been there three times, and will go again — it’s worth a block and a half walk, if not a trip across town. Simple dishes — such as a burger and fries — tend to be good, if not earth-shaking. The time I ordered something more complex (a crab cake), results were less gratifying, if still satisfactory. Service has been fine and the value is reasonable. (Creme, a block away, offers much better food but is also significantly more expensive.) The main level, however, is too loud. Once we were put on the second floor, and were better able to hear each other talk.

  • Awful! The food is just ok, but the service is absolutely horrendous and just plain rude. I ordered the steak and cheese and asked for the dish to be changed, switching blue cheese for provolone. Didn’t think that was difficult. The dish arrived covered in blue cheese. I sent it back to the kitchen. The server came back a minute later, put the same dish back in front of me, and said “I checked with the chef, he told me there’s no blue cheese on it and you’re wrong.” No way will I be going back.

  • I kind of like it. Nothing about it is terribly impressive, but the food is decent and prices more reasonable than most of what you find on U. And every time I’ve been there, it was easy to get a seat.

    I doubt I’d hike across town to eat there, but when I’m in the area, I’d go back.

  • I’m with Anonymous @ 12:01PM.

    The Turkey sandwich on multi-grain… frites with aoli… great! I went back twice in one week.

  • i think it suffers from “it’s not bad, but it’s not good either” – very common for many dc joints. i went there once and it was ok, a bit greasy, but i wouldn’t necessarily be oppoesed to giving it another try.

  • $29.95 for salad, ravioli, and milk and cookies? Nope.
    Please tell me there is more reasonable stuff on the menu.

  • I like Ulah’s. I agree that the atmosphere is a little bland, but the food is good. They also have very good beers on tap. Fuller’s ale there is so delicious. The fries with garlic aioli are addictive. And most of the food is reasonably priced with generous portions. And the staff are nice without trying too hard. I think Ulah meets a real need in D.C. for good, unpretentious mid-level dining.

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