Sweet Graffiti

DSCN0999, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Unless of course this is the name of a real crew…

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  • I don’t know if this is a real crew, but i think chances are quite high. While walking down Irving the other day I saw a quite large graffiti/tag of MS13 on the side of one of the apartment buildings between 14th and 15th. when i ran into a police officer a bit after that I told him about this, and he seemed to be quite happy to hear about it (not that there was a graffiti but that he was made aware about it 😉

  • I have called the police about gang graffitti twice in my ally and they respond immediately. They take it very seriously. If you sign a release the city will have it painted over in about 24 hours.

  • Must make his/her parents proud… if they are around.

  • Aww, it’s a kitty cat! How cute!

  • Graffiti is definitely on the rise this Summer. I contacted the city today with regard to the large MS-13 tags on Irving (between 14th and 15th) and 2800 16th St (Scottish Rites temple). I also encourage everyone to file a service request if they see any graffiti — they respond very quickly. I even called the police 2 months ago after witnessing graffiti vandals under one of the bridges on Rock Creek Pkwy. Not sure why DC police don’t assign a few police to some of these hotspots considering the amount of damage taxpayers are picking up the tab for. If DC put half the effort they put into parking enforcement into graffiti enforcement we’d likely get some of these guys off the street.

    Anyone know of any DC graffiti prosecutions? Better yet, does anyone know Magic, Inca, Fishglue et al.

  • Well, there was Jason Tsombikos [aka Borf] of suburban Great Falls, VA. Dude easily caused tens of thousands of $$ of damage. He ended up being sentenced to 30 days in jail and $12K fine [which I’m sure his parents paid]. The judge pretty much summed it up: “You’re a rich kid who comes into Washington and defaces property because you feel like it. It’s not fair. It’s not right”. I’m sure DC jail was an eye opening experience for him.

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