Mt. Pleasant Getting All Highfallutin?

DSCN1432, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

You know these stickers you’ve probably seen on cars that usually feature vacation spots like the outerbanks or Veil, or some place in Vermont? MtP’s hitting the big time. At least this sticker was a scooter…

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  • saf

    Dude, I remember seeing those when I lived in Mt P.

    I moved to Petworth in 1990.

  • Well behind the times, you are…I bought my sticker so long ago that the store that sold them has long been Radius Pizza and the car has been gone for two years. I’m not even certain you can buy them anywhere anymore.

    Yeah, the big time. That’s what we’re hitting.

  • i think you can buy them at peiffers and yes they have been around awhile

  • FYI PoP, it’s “Vail,” not “Veil.”

  • “Getting” All Highfallutin?

    How about “Got” All Highfallutin? …some time ago.

  • you can make your own online for really cheap. i made a whole bunch that simply said “DC”

  • Oh boy, I forsee a “PoP” version of the sticker making it’s debut at some point in time…

  • Lame Americans copying the Europeans is waht I say! I saw those al over Germany and Austria in the early 90’s.

  • As a dude with a scooter, i bet $5 that there’s a nasty dent or scratch concealed under that sticker…

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