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I think I’ve finally found a classic. The Irving, located at Irving and Sherman seems to be a solid name. Now the Columbia Pristine seems like a really nice building but I just don’t get the name. Which name do you prefer the Irving or the Columbia Pristine?


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  • Irving is definitely solid

  • Pristine just sounds like its trying too hard. Plus when it gets run down, the jokes would be endless…Irving is much better.

  • I love how all the old apartments on Connecticut ave are named “The ___[name of cross street]” e.g. the Brandywine, the Albemarle. The Irving or just Irving — even better! I wonder if those old names are already taken, though? New developers may not have the right to use them?

  • My new least-favorite condo name is “Sidney on the Avenue,” the new building on Georgia Ave between Lamont and Morton. Ridiculous, but at least there are about 8 units. The silliest thing is naming 2-unit buildings.

  • Only “Quality Investment, Inc.” would develop “The Columbia Pristine”.

  • hey DC Liz. i completely agree… Sidney on the Avenue is soooooo stupid. and does anyone know WHY someone would give a 2-3 unit rowhouse conversion a name… its very nouveau riche.. “oh honey look the suchandsuch… that sounds nice”

  • I use Columbia Pristine to clean my shower stall.

  • Herb…. nice!

  • I was walking by the Columbia Pristine the other day and didn’t know what the heck it was – I thought it was some sort of not-for-profit or small company…didn’t think of it as an actual condo building name!! Stuuupid.

  • I just walked past The Foster on 15th. Don’t like that one so much.

  • This place is trying so hard to be SoHo and Park Ave, it is sick. Keeo DC as unique Dc

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