Petworth, Park View and Residents of Park Morton to be Part of DC’s New Communities Initiative

Thanks to a reader for sending me this link from DC Metrocentric. DC Metrocentric reports:

“The District, in collaboration with the residents of Park Morton and the Park View and Petworth community, initiated a process to plan for and implement the revitalization of the Park Morton neighborhood, which is bound by Georgia Avenue on the west, Warder Street on the east, Lamont Street on the south and Park Road on the north.

Consistent with the New Communities Initiative, the goal of this effort is to transform the public housing property and its immediate neighborhood into a mixed-income, mixed-use community. In this new community, residents will have access to high-quality housing options affordable at all income levels and to the human services necessary to help prepare them to take advantage of the new economic opportunities and changes that are coming their way.”

Wow, this sounds awesome. It seems like it would certainly contribute to Georgia Ave’s revival. Has anyone else heard about this project?

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  • Over the last few years there have been a lot of community meetings about this project.

    Here is a link to the DC Office of Planning page, which has a pdf of the plan.,a,1285,q,642162.asp

  • Any idea when we might actually see shovels hitting dirt on any of this… ?

  • Are they starting the sidewalks and streetlights upgrades on Georgia this summer, or is that still down the road a bit?

  • surveyors were on the corner of GA and Lamont this morning at 8 am, so maybe this is in response to Anon 11:47

  • thanks bogfrog, Definitely chomping at the bit to see work start on the georgia ave sidewalks/streetscape and all I can tell from the info Phoebe points to from above is a timeline of anywhere from 2008-2011 which isn’t much of a help. Hopefully we see more action soon as summer is here.

  • Don’t know if anyone has noticed but several row houses (corner of Park Rd and Warder) have been leveled and the lots cleared. This makes room for the new street that is supposed to run through Park Morton and end at Park and Warder. Definite signs of progress!!

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