Nice Backs of Row Houses


I can’t remember if I’ve posted this photo before but I always find it striking every time I walk by. So which do you like better the orange one or the one with more windows?

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  • From the outside I like the Orange rear better. From the inside I might possibly enjoy the grey house better do to the extra light.

  • i like the one with all the windows. very nantucket.

  • The orange one!

  • Gorgeous!! Sure beats our current circa 1929 screened in back porches. Wonder how much they dropped. Must have been all of Grandma’s inheritance.

  • the orange one! painted something besides orange!

  • ORANGE!!!!!! And in case I wasn’t clear enough, the orange one.

  • wow, I could change the back of the house color to peach or tangerine

  • i love the orange one, for the colors and the neat window shapes! plus it looks like orange has a really [email protected] backyard

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