More Outdoor Seating News – This Time at Chix


The great chicken place Chix located at 2019 11th Street, NW is also applying for outdoor seating. It has an awesome space that is definitely going to enhance the atmosphere of 11th Street. The hearing will be the second week of July so we may have to wait until August before we get to enjoy it but it is still great news. If you haven’t checked it out yet you should definitely stop by. They now have a new lunch special which sounds pretty good. From 11:30 – 4pm M-F you can get 1/4 chicken 1 side (noodles&cheese, side salad, or sweet potatoes) and 1 soda/bottled water for $7.49. Or you can get 1/4 chicken 1 side (noodles&cheeseor sweet potatoes), 1 small green salad and 1 soda/bottled water for $7.99.

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  • Don’t they already have outdoor seating? Or is it just being expanded?

  • I’ve also seen people sitting outside already. Maybe turning it into something more formal? Or perhaps with a patio cover?

    Does anybody know if they’ve cut into the Greek Spot’s business?

  • yum. what kind of chix do they serve?

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