Nice Outdoor Bench

IMG_8509, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I wrote a while how outdoor benches seem to be all the rage lately. Well, this is probably the dopest one I’ve seen.

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  • Why do you post pictures of ugly things and then rave about their beauty? Are you blind? Dumb? Playing a joke on us? Just bad taste? I don’t get it. I’ve never seen such a collection of photographed junk in my life.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Well, my friend, if you are going fishing I’m afraid you’ll need a new lure.

  • what the huh?

  • PoP, maybe you can just retitle your blog “Prince of ugly ass DC crap that noone wants to see, so stop looking”

    the new name does NOT reflect my opinion, as i have stated before that while some of your pics are not my taste, they do challenge me to look outside the box, and i appreciate the idea behind them. the new title will confuse and scare off anyone who doesnt get you (or us, meaning your loyal fans) and they can all just go soak up each others awesomness at a starbucks somewhere while perusing some of the other, more pretentious, blogs about dc living.

    on a second note, i nominate Huh for fridays ‘asshole of the day’!! 😉

  • Huh? you are an asshole. Plain and simple.

  • it looks like that bag is sitting on the bench. good angle work.

  • To use POP’s words, that’s a “dope sky” bench; wish I had one for my garden.

  • Way to shed the haters, PoP. In time, this naysayer may come to understand what Beautiful Life is all about. Peace out.

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