Neat Neighborhood Find: The Brass Knob


Located at 2311 18th Street, NW in Adams Morgan, The Brass Knob, is another cool home furnishing shop. What differentiates this place from some of the others I’ve profiled is that this one focuses a bit more on antiques, particularly lighting. I spoke with owner Donetta George who told me that the Brass Knob has been open for 27 years! Apparently back in the day there were many antique shops in Adams Morgan. Another interesting fact I learned is that the Brass Knob was commissioned to do all the lighting at Temperance Hall (now Looking Glass Lounge). And you know how cool those lights are. Ms. George describes the store as primarily architectural antiques, lighting and hardware. So if you have an old school rowhouse and are looking to match one of the original door knobs this is definitely the store for you. And they also have some super cool stained glass. Check out more photos after the jump.





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  • 27 years? I first got there about 1987, 1988 or so… Old Adams Morgan was really very very cool. I still miss Retro-spective, the antique store where the Maggie Moos is now.

  • i love their purple glass door knobs. if i didnt have a modern condo, i’d be all over this store.

  • super expensive, but if you’re looking for an authentic (or close to it) piece for your old house, nothing beats the Brass Knob.

  • You guys should check out the warehouse on the unit block of M St in NW. It is basically and architectural salvage yard. Its where I go to find parts for my house that are not made anymore.

  • I love this place so much…. wish I could have a $$$ gift certificate for my next birthday. I have found so many useful replacement pieces there. The doorknobs may be $12 each, but it feels like they fit onto the old doors so much better than rinky-dink made-in-China numbers from the Home Depot.

    Prince, I second Steve’s recommendation that you go to the Warehouse at 57 N St NW. Much cheaper, much fuller of numerous parts you didn’t realize went into the building or unbuilding of a house.

  • I thought our place was cluttered until I saw the photos…
    Having said that I love the look and the lamp in the 3rd picture looks fantastic – although I bet it takes two strong men to lift it!

  • I have always loved to browse in this place. I just don’t love the prices so much. They’re expensive, and I’m cheap. Bad combination.

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