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I was trying to get another good contrast of old school row houses against the backdrop of a new condo building but I’m not sure this one worked. For some reason, I really do enjoy checking out the back of well maintained strips of row houses.

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  • I love Blagden Alley. that rowhouse 2nd from the right (the tall one) is one of my favorites in DC. sort of has a Tim Burton meets Paris, France feel.

  • Yep, the evil (not) gentrification has not reached most of the alleys yet… most of them are nasty, some of them are charming.

  • Our alleys are a tourist attraction! Maybe you should start a tour group PoP. I met a couple a few years ago who were architects in San Francisco or LA and here on vacation. They basically walked alleys all weekend and lamented that their city didn’t have alleys like ours!

  • Welcome to my ‘hood, PoP! One of the cool things about Blagden Alley is the number of functioning businesses it has. There’s a web design agency, a car rental agency, a print shop and art gallery, and even a boxing gym! I seriously love the neighborhood and don’t plan on moving until I get out of DC all together.

    If you want to learn more about Blagden Alley, here’s a project I just did for my Land Use Planning class at UM College Park:


    Keep in mind this was just a class project, not a real planning document…it ignores some development in the area thats already in the pipeline.

  • Whoops…bad link. Here’s the correct one:


  • where is this alley? this is awesome!

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