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DSCN0110, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Seemingly ordinary with a slightly modern flavor. But after the jump check out what the view from its front porch looks.

I just kind of stumbled upon this outlet of rock creek park off 17th st. That’s got to be pretty cool to live across the street like that.


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  • Gorgeous! Needs a paint job though.

  • PoP, you really shouldn’t be climbing around other people’s balconies and taking pictures. somebody might tell groomes on you, and then you’d be doin’ the blog from the big house….

  • The best part about that house is the deck, which I have enjoyed thoroughly drinking beer on. With permission.

  • where did you find this one? That is a great find indeed!

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    is 17th street in mt pleasant as it winds down to meet piney branch road at rock creek park.

  • Hey, you didn’t get the best part of this row of houses! They are offset by about 8 feet forming a stair step effect that fits the curve of the road perfectly. They houses are also quite unique in DC, being part of only a handful of modern townhouses built during the 20s and 30s (these houses were built around 1936). The corner casement windows are very unusual for DC architecture.

    I will admit I am a bit biased as I live in one of them, but I feel in love with the houses the first time I saw them.

    (BTW – I don’t think the Prince actually took the shot of the park from the porch)


  • Hey, that’s my house! And yes, it is awesome.

    That shot isn’t from the porch – or if it was, it was taken with a zoom. But we do have a lovely view of trees from the porch and deck.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Very cool. No that second photo was not taken from the porch but rather from across the street. I only take photos from public spaces. Although if someone invites me onto their porch then it’s all good.

  • It IS pretty cool to live across the street from this view. As one of the residents of this house, I can attest to the fabulous view from the porch, the deck, the inside of the house, etc. While we appreciate that you love our house (we do too!) we must insist that you not hang out on our front porch unless you leave us a case of wine as a peace offering. We like sangiovese, malbec, new zealand sauvignon blanc, and I am sure my roommate will add to this list. If it is really good wine, you can come hang out on our awesomely fabulous deck with us. Thanks for blogging our house.

  • p.s. we are renters and will take up the paint issue with the landlords. thanks for pointing that out.

  • I’m partial to a nice Nobile di Montepulciano, myself. But Brunello di Montalcino is also acceptable.

    Also rioja and bordeaux. Really, I’m not picky.

  • Anon and Esmeralda,

    If you’d like some help beautifying the garage, I’ve got some white paint to cover the graffiti. I can drop it off anytime.


  • es, is there new graffiti on the garage? Because we just covered some up . . .

    (and apologies PoP for using your blog to conduct neighborly business)

  • Esmeralda,

    I guess I haven’t looked in the last couple of days. I hope there isn’t anything new!

    (my apologies to the Prince as well)

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